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Education and Training

Our most valuable asset

At Gray’s, our primary focus is the professional development of our Members, from the most distinguished barristers and judges, to the up-and-coming students and aspiring barristers who will one day write the next chapter in our remarkable story.

For this reason, we invest heavily in continuing education for Members of all generations and areas of specialisation. We see it as our purpose to challenge, support and sustain a powerful community of outstanding barristers. Although we have a beautiful estate in the heart of London, and a rich history that spans six centuries, the assets that we prize most highly, are the knowledge and skills that we build here and pass down from one generation to the next.

The Circle of Membership

An extraordinary Member-to-Member commitment underpins our education, training and career support initiatives at Gray’s. The Circle of Membership is a programme in which over 400 in 2019/20 and now over 500 esteemed Members – including some of the biggest names in the Bar – return to Gray’s to give their time and experience to nurture and develop the current and future generation.

An extensive range of opportunities

The breadth and scale of training opportunities available to our Members throughout their careers is extraordinary. For students, we provide mentoring schemes and court marshalling opportunities, as well as original qualifying sessions, practical careers advice and mock interview practice. For established barristers we run courses, lectures, debates and conferences to craft skills and knowledge as part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The range of opportunities available would fill an entire website in itself, but you can explore some of what is on offer for our students, pupils, new practitioners, barristers, trainers and judges, by following the links on the right-hand side of this page.

Personalised to you

The strength of our network, coupled with our unique size and stimulating culture as well as using up to date technology to deliver courses, means that we are able to take a highly tailored approach to training. This means that whatever your talents or interests, and whichever area of the law you wish to pursue, you will benefit from individual personal and professional development, personalised to your needs.

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