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All callees please note:

  • the dress code is dark suits with a court shirt and bands, or a court shirt and collar with bands, or a collarette, and a barrister’s gown
  • you can a hire or purchase barrister’s gown for the ceremony
  • no wigs are required – the photographer will have wigs available if you would like to be photographed in one

All callees must wear a barrister’s gown over a dark suit with either:

  • a white winged-collar shirt and starched bands. The shirt may be a tunic court shirt with attachable wing collar or a regular plain white wing-collared shirt (no pleats, no black buttons). Standard collared shirts are not suitable.

a white winged collared shirt   two white bands - one clip one tie fastening

  • a collarette over a white top

a white collarette

  • a white tunic or mandarin court shirt and collar with bands

a white court shirt folded   collar with bands


You must hire or buy a barrister’s gown for the day in advance. You can hire a barrister’s gown, and bands if appropriate, online from the following companies. Please do this as soon as possible, we advise 6 weeks prior to the ceremony.


Please ask your guests to dress as they might if attending a university graduation ceremony, i.e. smart daywear.

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