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Modifications and waivers will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and when supported by documentary evidence.

Normally consideration will only be given to modifying or waiving a maximum of two QS’s.

Modifications – a modification will alter the requirement for successfully completing a QS that was attended by the applicant (disregard partial attendance or late arrival or QS that was completed outside the time limit).

Waivers – a waiver will remove the requirement to attend one or more QS’s. Applications will not normally be granted where there are further opportunities to attend a QS.

Applying for a Modification or Waiver

Applications must be made using the form available to download from this page. Completed forms should be submitted by email to Samantha Phillips, Compliance and Member Services Manager.

The Inn may request further information in support of this application, and they might be asked to expand on what has been included.


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