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Dress Code

The dress code for QSs held at the Inn, unless otherwise stated, is:

  • dark suits with white shirts (men and women) and ties (men)
  • gowns (students, barristers and benchers – except guests)

You can collect a gown from the robing room (without charge) which is located in the Rose Heilbron Room on the ground floor at 10 South Square. The entrance is directly underneath the bridge; the same entrance to the Bridge Bar.

Guests are not required to wear gowns but must wear an appropriate dark suit and tie.

For online Qualifying Sessions (QS) the dress code is smart-casual. Many of the guests and trainers may be working before they attend any given event, we ask attendees to look presentable for events held online.

Rules and requirements

Once you have joined the Inn as a student Member, in addition to passing the Bar Course, you must complete 10 Qualifying Sessions (QSs), during a period of no more than 5 years, in order to be called to the Bar. If you started the course prior to September 2020, please see details on transitional arrangements.

  • Online QSs: To be accredited with a QS for online events, you must join the event on time  and stay for the full duration of the event
  • Each session will have a theme and you must attend a minimum of one session under each of the themes (listed below). At least two sessions must be interactive and require preparation in advance.
  • Student registration times for QSs at the Inn will vary
  • For formal dining, members and guests are not expected to leave Hall between Grace before Dinner and the final toast of Domus and attendees should therefore ensure that they use the facilities before entering Hall
  • If you have booked a QS, you are expected to attend. withdrawal seriously compromises all those involved. Please always bear in mind that the Education Department relies on volunteers from our membership who give up their free time to assist with these sessions. Once you have committed, it is a professional courtesy to attend and participate fully.

Read the full summary of Qualifying Sessions rules.

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