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A session for Bar Course students on legal research.

Conducting efficient and effective legal research is an essential skill for barristers, and to those studying for the Bar.

In this practical session you will learn how to approach legal research using the materials available to you in practice.

Along the way, you’ll learn which reports to cite, and how to make the most of what Lexis and Westlaw have to offer.

Event details

This event is open to Bar Course Students.

Registration Location: Library

Registration: Tuesday 12 March, 5.45pm

Dress Code: Casual

Cost: Free

Who can attend: Open to Bar Course students

How to book

Book online via the Gray’s Inn Online System (GIOS).


Qualifying Sessions 

Qualifying Session (QS):  1 QS

This QS relates to the following elements of the Professional Statement for Barristers: 1.5, 1.11, 1.12

Theme: Legal knowledge, Justice and the Rule of Law

Learning outcomes:

  1. Develop your practical legal research skills
  2. Gain a better understanding of the resources that may be available to you in practice
  3. Understand which case law to cite in court.

Preparation required: No

Interactive: Yes

To be awarded the QS for this event you are required to join the event on time  and stay for the full duration of the event. Please enter your full name when joining the event so that we can record attendance and update the QS records accordingly. This can take up to two weeks.

Please see Qualifying Sessions for further information.

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