Griffin LAW

Griffin LAW (Law and Advocacy Workshops) is the Inn’s vehicle for promoting social mobility and access to the Bar. 

Introducing students to the legal profession

The workshops introduce secondary and sixth form students to the legal profession, build their knowledge of the rule of law and develop their skills in advocacy and persuasion. Our Griffin students are identified by their schools as having aptitude and potential, but insufficient access to opportunity.

Griffin LAW students are taught cross-examination, examination in chief and persuasive advocacy techniques as they take part in a bespoke 8 week skills course. 

The course is delivered by student Members of Gray’s who have successfully completed the Inn’s eight week Griffin Mentor training programme.

The programme culminates in the Griffin Mock Trial where the students play the role of counsel in a mock trial at the Royal Courts of Justice or the Old Bailey. 

Griffin Summer School 

A two day summer school for secondary school students which culminates in a debate in Hall, and includes a trip to the Royal Courts and meetings with Barristers and Court of Appeal Judges.