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We are delighted to announce the following students awarded Bar Course scholarships in 2022:​

  • Hana Abas The Birkenhead Scholarship
  • Isabelle Agerbak a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Karen Viktoria Akero-Stueland a Denise Pannick Scholarship
  • Reuben Andrews The Lord Bingham of Cornhill Scholarship
  • Harvey Appleby a Denise Pannick Scholarship
  • Catherine Arnold a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Ruby Mae Axelson The Bacon Scholarship
  • Emily Bacon a Patrick Back Scholarship
  • Charles Blair a Holt Scholarship
  • Robyn Bower-Morris a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Charlotte Branfield a Headridge Scholarship
  • Sofia Brough-Aparicio a Goldie Scholarship
  • Atira Burton a Jean Southworth Scholarship
  • Hoe Kiu Austin Chan a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Sophie Clifford a Goldie Scholarship
  • Abigail Collier a Patrick Back Scholarship
  • Niamh Connell a Goldie Scholarship
  • James Conroy a Headridge Scholarship
  • Alexander Cornelius a Headridge Scholarship
  • Libby Crombie an Uthwatt Scholarship
  • Francesca D’Argenio an Uthwatt Scholarship
  • Dominic Davidson an Uthwatt Scholarship
  • Tanya Elahi a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Benedict Evans a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • George Fattal The Albion Richardson Scholarship
  • John Faulds a Wilfred Watson Scholarship
  • Maddison Fisher a Wilfred Watson Scholarship
  • Zhi Yu Foo The Beryl Cooper Scholarship
  • Mirren Gidda a Roger Cox Scholarship
  • Adam Gordon a Baroness Hale of Richmond Scholarship
  • Tristan Greene a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Aurora Guerrini a Patrick Back Scholarship
  • Annabel Hale a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Luke Hard a William Shaw Scholarship
  • Thomas Hibbs The Edmund Davies Scholarship
  • Joseph Hilditch a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Thomas Hood a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Olivia Horn The Claudia Wright Scholarship
  • Jarret Huang a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • David Ion The Steen Scholarship
  • Amany Jabir a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Jorge Kemp a Jean Southworth Scholarship
  • Salome Kiknadze a Baroness Hale of Richmond Scholarship
  • Joshua Kimblin a William Shaw Scholarship
  • William Knatchbull The Richard York Scholarship
  • Anna Lampard The Stella Cacoyanni Soulioti Scholarship
  • Miranda Lickert a William Shaw Scholarship
  • Josephine Lunnon a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Michal Magier a James Crouch Scholarship
  • Rebecca Malczewski a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Gordon McBain a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Kirstie McCall The Venetia Stephenson Scholarship
  • Maximilian Millington a Frank Quickfall Scholarship
  • Peter Mitchell a Roger Cox Scholarship
  • Jonathan Mo a Cynthia Terry Scholarship
  • Maria Munir a Baroness Hale of Richmond Scholarship
  • Jessica Muurman a Headridge Scholarship
  • Sophia Paraskeva The Monique Viner Scholarship
  • Jade Philippou The Marion Simmons Scholarship
  • Emily Ramsden a Prince of Wales Scholarship
  • Daniell Randell a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Jennifer Raw The Elizabeth Bagaaya Scholarship
  • Alexander Read a Shakespeare Memorial Scholarship
  • John Schofield a Shakespeare Memorial Scholarship
  • Henry Screaton a Wilfred Watson Scholarship
  • David Scully The Gerald Moody Scholarship
  • Naomi Selfridge a Roger Cox Scholarship
  • Mahmoud Serewel a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Samantha Shahriar an Elizabeth Ann Curnow Scholarship
  • Ian Shelley a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Anjelica Smerin an Elizabeth Ann Curnow Scholarship
  • Freya Sundstrom Quarshie a Denise Pannick Scholarship
  • Charles Taylor a James Crouch Scholarship
  • Sarah Taylor-Warner a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Aleksandra Tomaszek a Lord Justice Holker Scholarship
  • Lucy Trafford a Baroness Hale of Richmond Scholarship
  • George Turley a Cynthia Terry Scholarship
  • Ãine Josephine Tyrrell a Holt Scholarship
  • Christine Upton a Holt Scholarship
  • Charlotte Ward a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Robert Watt a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • William Webster a Bedingfield Scholarship
  • Nicholas Zeolla a Prince of Wales Scholarship

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