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Congratulations to all our Members who were Called to the Bar on Thursday 23 November 2023.

The names of those called to the bar are also sent for publication in The Times, The Telegraph and The Independent newspapers. Gray’s Inn Library holds copies of The Times and The Telegraph.

The following 47 Members of this Society have been deemed by the Masters of the Bench to be eligible for Call to the Bar:

  • Helene Lucie Charlotte Cohen Seifert
  • Charlotte Thoms Branfield
  • Mark Andrew Anthony Erridge
  • Sophie Souflas
  • Emma Jayne Anderson
  • Idris Sacha Ashe
  • Fatima Galal Mohamed Ismail
  • Muhammad Mohi-Ud-Din
  • Peter Mitchell
  • Muhammad Nabeel Malik
  • James Brian Nottage
  • Rachel Alexandra Rodney
  • Indira Maria Varma
  • Christopher James Grabowski
  • Zanisha Begum Herbert
  • Caitlin Megan Hall
  • Lillian Garnier
  • Antonia Georgia Adie
  • Roshan Singh Dhaliwal
  • Sophie Louise Clifford
  • Dominic Lorenzo Davidson
  • Mahfuza Chowdhury
  • Eric Arvyndra Anthony
  • Muhammad Ehtsaam Ali
  • David Cornelius Ion
  • Michelle Emefa Zormelo
  • Jack Christopher Brett
  • Suzanne Alice McKinstry
  • Aditi Ajay Khandkar
  • Breshna Rani
  • Harvey Lucas Appleby
  • Luke Daniel Hard
  • Sahil Ali Iqbal
  • Shuwern Lim
  • Jiea Tan
  • Jack Owen Reece Dove
  • Jarret Jinghao Huang
  • Tsz Yau Hui
  • Federico Sam Brogna
  • Taranidivya Seran
  • Yusif Alhani
  • Thomas Hutton-Clarke
  • Allison Mary Hochhalte
  • Ying Thong Pang
  • Tabitha Isabella Boyton
  • Favour Bassey
  • Matthew Patrick James Hunt


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