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Congratulations to all those called to the Bar at Michaelmas Call 2016!

  • Ansarul Alam Chowdhury
  • Albert Fregis
  • George Constantinos Mavrantonis
  • Lauren Marie Graham
  • David Stevenson Hewitt
  • Keng Hian Kua
  • Hassan Khan Niazi
  • Michaela Rose Smeaton
  • Sharonna Elizabeth Johnson-Richards
  • Nicholas Steven Jehan
  • Camila  Zapata Besso
  • Jennifer Kathleen Coyne
  • Andrew John Watson
  • Wentworth Philip Cecil Gurney
  • Macit Sefik
  • Robert Huw Wilcox
  • Omar Ahmad
  • George Ian Hallam-Attree
  • Phivi  Papageorgi
  • Conall Robert Bailie
  • Owen Elwood Lloyd
  • Hannah Louise Gardiner
  • Aled Rhys Jones
  • Jian Nee Ong
  • Henry Bernard David Moore
  • Dahrick Sivam Balakrishnan
  • Hannah Rachel Edwards
  • Mete  Siber
  • Paul John Dentith
  • Natasha Jane Simonsen
  • Babir Adris
  • Raoul Colvile
  • James Michael Conlon
  • Jacob Oliver Nathan Turner
  • Ian Derek Hudson

The names of those called to the bar are also sent for publication in The TimesThe Telegraph and The Independent newspapers. The Library holds copies of The Times and The Telegraph. 

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