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The Inn has a rich history of Members, many of whom have gone on to have many great successes, both within and outside of the law. While, until the introduction of the Sex Disqualification Removal Act in 1919, all Members of the Inn were male, now 40% of the Gray’s Inn’s membership is female. 

Within the membership, there are various positions of seniority taken on by eminent Members. Benchers (elected senior members of the Inn) hold office for life once elected, often in recognition of their contribution to the Inn or the law. However, the Inn also has a membership of Honorary Benchers, often distinguished Members of the law from other countries or eminent non-lawyers, such as Sir Winston Churchill. Likewise, there is the position of Royal Bencher designed for Members of the British Royal Family; for example, the current King, Charles III, is a Royal Bencher of Gray’s Inn. 

The Treasurer of the Inn is the highest position of seniority, elected from within the Inn’s Benchers, to serve one year. However, in the past, Treasurers have served for longer periods, such as Francis Bacon, who served and guided the running of the Inn for nine years. 

The Inn has, since its founding, had a team of staff, without whom the Inn would not function as efficiently as it does. The staff body has long provided important services for the inn’s membership and continues to do so. 

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