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Gray's Inn Historical logo

Originally, the Inn used the Grey or de Grey arms, Barry of six argent and azure (six silver and blue horizontal stripes) within a quartered gold and blue border, which can be seen in the pediment over the Benchers’ entrance to the House premises, as above. 

There is no record of precisely when the change to the griffin was made, although it has been suggested that it was sometime during the 1590s. The most commonly accepted reason for the change to the griffin is that it was adopted from the arms of Richard Aungier, who died in 1597, mid-career (murdered in his chambers by one of his younger sons): he was Reader four times and Treasurer three times, and very closely connected to the management and affairs of the Inn. It has also been suggested that the griffin may have been an undocumented livery badge of the Grey family and that it was considered a more spectacular and distinctive badge for the “Shows” the theatrical Inn Members were involved in. 

The seal of the Society is the badge encircled by the motto, of which there is again no record of when or why it was chosen, although it appears to be of about the same age as the griffin. The motto reads: Integra Lex Aequi Custos Rectique Magistra Non Habet Affectus Sed Causas Gubernat (“Impartial justice, guardian of equity, mistress of the law, without fear or favour, rules men’s causes aright”). 

Towards the future

In 2019 the Inn launched a redesigned brand, which includes several subtle yet important design evolutions and key changes to our badge, with a rounder shield, and a bolder griffin with larger wings. 

Gray's Inn Master Logo - Crest Gray's Inn Master Logo - Open Griffin

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