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Meet our Master of Students – Q&A with HHJ Georgina Kent

We’re a small, but dynamic, team at Gray’s Inn and we want to showcase what we do!

At the Inn we rely on Members who volunteer their time to support training and education. Next up we talk to our Master of Students, HHJ Georgina Kent, who volunteers her time to support Education and Training programmes for students pursuing a career at the Bar.

Georgina practised as a barrister at 5 Essex Chambers, specialising in public law, civil liberties and discrimination including civil claims against the police, civil jury trials, inquests, employment tribunals and police misconduct and became a Circuit Judge in 2009. She was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1989.


What is the main purpose of your role?

My role as the Master of Students is to represent the students’ interests at the highest levels within the Inn. I sit on the Inn’s Education Committee and I meet with the Under-Treasurer and Director of Education to ensure that students’ needs are understood and that the Inn does everything it can for students educationally and pastorally.

I participate in events organised for students, to get to know them and to be a source of advice, support, and encouragement.


Why is it important that students access opportunities for advocacy training through their Inn?

Gray’s Inn is the smallest inn and that is one of our great strengths. We are small enough to be able to focus individual attention on each one of our students.

Most students will be applying for pupillage while studying, and in some cases, working as well. It’s a tough time. We are here to support our students throughout their journey to the Bar. The Gray’s Inn Toast is “domus” which means “home”.  We want you to see Gray’s Inn as your professional home and we welcome you here.

The Education and Training Department and the community of the Inn (Barristers, Judges, and Benchers) have accumulated a great deal of experience and expertise in supporting students and in delivering training which has been developed over many years.

Our dedicated advocacy trainers and ethics trainers take great satisfaction in passing on their skills to our students who are the barristers and judges of the future. You are invited to take the many opportunities offered to you by engaging with us and allowing us to help you progress with every step.


What opportunities are there at the Inn for students during their training for the Bar?

We have experienced and dedicated education and training professionals, barristers and judges who want to help you develop your full potential.

There are many opportunities for students offered by Gray’s Inn including: Qualifying Sessions under the five themes Ethics, Standards and Values, Advocacy Skills, Legal Knowledge, Justice and the Rule of Law Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Preparation for Pupillage, Career Development and Wellbeing.

These are provided during a range of events including Introductory Events, Moots, Prep4Practice, Residential Weekends, Mixed Messes and Talks.

There are also many social and networking events at the Inn including those organised by our active students’ committee AGIS.

The Inn will help you develop your potential with mooting, mock pupillage interviews, marshalling and mentoring opportunities.


What advice would you give to students, yet to join an Inn, considering a career at the Bar? 

I advise you to join Gray’s Inn because it’s a warm and friendly place where so many people look forward to working together to support you in succeeding in your ambitions.

However, whichever Inn you join:

  • Believe in yourself, you are far stronger and much more able than you imagine;
  • Be prepared to work hard for your ambitions, they are worth it.
  • Never give up, resilience is a superpower!
  • Remember, you can do it! The barristers and judges that you meet were once in your position and you can get there too.

Be kind to yourself and to those around you and enjoy what you do, the journey is as important as the destination.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your role?

I remember my student and pupillage days well and I am grateful to everyone who encouraged me. I enjoy being able to give a little back in return. Having grown with the support of others, I want to pass on that benefit to the students of today.

It is invigorating and rewarding to spend time with our students who are such an inspiring and dedicated group of people working hard to achieve their ambitions and reaching for the skies.

It is extremely positive and encouraging to witness the dedication and skill provided by the education and training team, and our committed volunteers of barrister, judges and benchers who give so freely of their time to encourage and support our students.

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