The Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS) represents the student members of Gray’s Inn. 

AGIS will champion your rights, liaise with both the Inn and your Bar Course provider and arrange social activities throughout the year.

AGIS Voting result  

Elections 2021-22 closed on  Friday 10th September. Congratulations to the newly elected committee: 

President – Rebecca Malczewski  
Vice President – Annie Davis 
Treasurer – Kelly Yu  
Social Secretary – Henrietta Blohm 
Publicity Officer- Ciara Church 
GDL Officer – Nicholas Zeolla  
Mooting & Debating Officer – Samuel Moss 
Student Law Journal Editor – Helen Gregory  
BPP London Holborn – Hafsa Komal Toor 
BPP Manchester – Benjamin Koo 
City, University of London – Zoe Seen Chan 
ICCA – Vivian Aiyes  
Manchester Metropolitan University- Nicholas Roxborough 
Northumbria University – Crystal Lim  
Nottingham Trent University – Kurtis Ohwofasa Igbakpa 
University of Law Birmingham – Laurie Elizabeth Ketley  
University of Law Leeds – Sinrou Wong 
University of Law London – Chester Chan  
University of Law Manchester – Mohammad Torkian  
University of West England – Abbie Leigh 

AGIS Committee 


  • The President has ultimate responsibility for the Committee’s activities and events and represents the Committee by attending the Inn’s Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The President is the chief liaison between the Committee and the Education Department

Rebecca Malczewski A photograph of Rebecca Malczewski

My name is Rebecca and I am standing for election for the position of President. I am starting the Bar Course at ICCA in September, having completed my GDL and been the 2020-2021 AGIS GDL Officer largely under lockdown.

Prior to this, in 2017 I graduated with a BA in History from Durham University. In the intervening years, I was an Associate at the asset management firm Black Rock where, alongside my role, I helped lead their charitable initiatives in the UK. It was this work that led me to pursue a career at the Bar; to do what I can to represent the rights of others. 

I am standing for election for President because, after what has been a challenging period for so many, I want to further my contribution to protecting and promoting the needs of Gray’s Inn students. As President, I would have three initial priorities:  

  1. Exploring how best to enable students to gain exposure to the Bar and any support they need as many opportunities, such as mini-pupillage schemes, remain on pause
  2. Representing the interests of students regarding the Inn’s plans around future social and educational activities, in light of the benefits of continuing to hold some events remotely, particularly for those on circuit
  3. Communicating between AGIS, the Education Department and the Inns of Court Students’ Association, any issues students are experiencing with their course providers  

I fully commit myself to everything I do, from answering calls weekly for the National Domestic Abuse Helpline to my role as a mentor with educational equality charity IntoUniversity to, currently, building up the courage to regularly go open water swimming. It is with the same energy that I would work to support the interests of Gray’s Inn students as your President.


  • The Vice President is the organisational heart of the Committee
  • Along with the President, the Vice President also attends the Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The Vice-President will deputise for the President of the Committee when required

Annie Davis

A Photograph of Annie Davis

I am starting the Bar Course at University of Law (Bloomsbury) in September having studied my GDL at Guildford and History at the University of Exeter. I was previously working for Pret A Manger in the HR department.

During my GDL I volunteered to become the class representative which required attending termly meetings for the staff-student liaison committee. I raised student issues and helped solve problems as they arose.

My work at Pret required excellent organisational skills as I had to manage HR for a company integration. As part of a team I attended weekly governance meetings, as well as face to face meetings with employees, both of which required excellent note taking and the recall of vital information. Furthermore, I liaised with senior company managers, a skill I can transfer to working on AGIS and sitting on the Barrister’s Committee.

I would like to transfer all the above skills to the role of VP, working with the President and Committee to make this year run smoothly for both the students and AGIS. I would like to be part of the team that contributes to AGIS championing Gray’s Inn students’ rights as well as organising many useful and fun activities.

I would appreciate your support to be the VP of AGIS as I believe I have the qualities required to fulfil this role successfully on your behalf.


  • The Treasurer is responsible for the annual budget allocated to AGIS and is the primary liaison between the Committee and the Inn’s Director of Education and Accounts Department as the bank with regard to recording and management of the AGIS accounts

Kelly Yu A photograph of Kelly Yu

My name is Kelly Yu, and I am currently studying on the Bar Course full-time at BPP London. I am originally from Hong Kong, and moved to the UK to study English Literature at Durham University before pursuing the two-year qualifying law degree from Cambridge. I have extensive previous experience of managing budgets and liaising with different departments to manage monies. I acted as Treasurer, then President, of the Lucy Cavendish Law Society, which involved handling last minute budget changes and making proposals for investments which benefited all student societies. As Treasurer, then President, of a Durham University martial arts society, I managed all membership fees, organised insurance and oversaw all other expenses. I am hard-working and well-organised. Among other experiences, I have undertaken paid research assistance roles for two Cambridge academics, acted as a representative for FRU, acted as a volunteer adviser at Citizens Advice for two years, and had some mooting success.

If elected, I would diligently manage the AGIS yearly budget, including maximising the budget to ensure all students benefit from the funds available through supporting social, educational, and mooting activities. I will act as the go-between for AGIS and the Accounts Department, and advocate for the importance of all AGIS activities. I would also represent the interests of all student members of Gray’s Inn, particularly international and BAME students. I know that international and BAME students face particular difficulties when trying for pupillage, and I will do my best to ensure that all Inn activities are as inclusive as possible, encouraging the participation of diverse groups at the Bar. I aim to ensure that AGIS properly represents its student members, and assists them in every possible way on their journey to the Bar.

Social secretary 

Henrietta Blohm A photograph of Henrietta Blohm

Hello ! I’m Hettie and I’m about to start the BVS at City University, having finished the GDL this year. Before this I studied Politics at Newnham College, Cambridge. In my spare time, I like running along the river, using my Pret coffee subscription incessantly, and re-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Like all other students, my GDL was hugely impacted by COVID-19 and I did almost all of it virtually from my bedroom in South Wales! As a result, I am really keen to be involved with the social side of AGIS and would love to use my time to facilitate fun and worthwhile events for the student population at Gray’s Inn.  

A great memory I have from last academic year was attending the virtual bingo night organised by this year’s Social Secretary, Grace, and run with Middle Temple – it was so much fun to meet students from other Inns, and I would love to organise more inter-Inn events, especially now we can all meet each other in person! I also want to ensure that there is an event for everyone, and as such would send out a survey at the start of my tenure asking for recommendations/ suggestions/ any burning ideas from every member of AGIS.

During my undergraduate degree I was a social secretary for Cambridge University’s LGBTQ+ campaign, and really enjoyed organising and publicising events. On a more basic level, I love meeting new people! I know I would be a friendly face on committee and would work really hard to ensure everyone’s time with AGIS is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

Publicity officer 

  • The Publicity Officer’s chief role is to produce and distribute publicity and to market AGIS events

Ciara Church A photograph of Ciara Church

Hello! My name is Ciara Church. I’m from Stoke-on-Trent and have just graduated with my LLB. At Durham University. I’m excited to have gained a place to start the Bar Course with the ICCA and look forward to where the next few years will take me!

As Human Rights Officer for the Durham Law Society, Co-President of St Chad’s Feminist Society, and the Person of Colour Representative at my college, I frequently hosted events requiring the production and distribution of publicity materials. I have finessed the art of a coordinated Canva poster campaign across social media and have made my way through the unexpected formatting struggles of a mass email. From hosting numerous events, predominantly on Zoom and having been a guest on The Female Gaze, I believe the most important aspect of hosting a podcast is ensuring your guests feel engaged and comfortable, something which I am confident I can do. 

Throughout the first lockdown, I led a team to build an Instagram page dedicated to sharing educational posts about the Black Lives Matter movement. We aimed to provide context to the Movement and re-educate ourselves. Uploading frequently not only vastly advanced the quality of our content very quickly but forced us to be organised and dedicated to ensure each post was high quality, thoroughly researched and referenced. Time management and good communication are essential, especially when working with friends. 

As I am living at home for the first part of my bar course, this would give me an amazing opportunity to meet people and become a familiar and friendly face amongst the student body.

If elected, I will:

-Continue to grow the AGIS social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

-Produce frequent and high-quality podcast.s

-Promote all events in a timely manner. 

Law Journal editor 

  • The Editor is responsible for publishing and editing the Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal, a bi-annual collection of legal articles written by members of Gray’s Inn and uploaded on the Inn’s website

Helen GregoryA photogrpah of Helen Gregory

My name is Helen Gregory, I’m 31 years old and have just qualified with a 1:1 with the Open University, where I studied alongside my job. My interest in Law really started after a former employer halved my pay without reason or notice. I was told by a couple of lawyers I had no cause for redress as I hadn’t been working at the company long enough. Naturally I didn’t accept that, and essentially undertook a crash course in Employment Law of my own accord. This culminated in my successfully bringing a case against the company; I started my law degree the same year and haven’t looked back.

This is a complete career change for me, having originally studied English for my first degree, and worked in internal communications for The John Lewis Partnership. I edited their in-house magazine which was distributed to over 90,000 partners. I also managed the corresponding online platform, so have experience in web design and graphic design; publishing and editing is therefore second nature to me. I was responsible for collating information from various areas of the business, and I’m confident working with a variety of different people, have fantastic organisational skills and I’m very approachable. 

My experience in this regard would make me an ideal candidate for the role of the Student Law Journal Editor, and I would be delighted to contribute to the work undertaken by the Association of Gray’s Inn Students if I’m selected for the post.

Mooting and Debating Officer 

  • The Mooting and Debating Officer’s role includes organising internal mooting and debating events, and facilitating the participation of student members in external mooting and debating competitions

Samuel Moss A photograph of Samuel Moss

Gray’s is the place to be for mooting and I am standing to be your Mooting Officer so I can expand mooting opportunities at the Inn and ensure that students can gain invaluable advocacy experience and participate in the most prestigious competitions – nationally and internationally.

A little about myself. I have just completed the GDL and I am starting the Bar Course at City. As a student member of Gray’s, I have participated in almost every moot at the Inn and I have represented Gray’s in the public international law Jessup moot in which we were crowned UK and Ireland champions. My experience of this student-led initiative puts me in a great place to carry on the mooting tradition at Gray’s and to help you make the most of your time as a student by expanding opportunities and raising the profile of Gray’s student advocates.

I make three commitments:

1. I will expand low-stakes mooting opportunities and make sure feedback is high-quality and personalised. I will also ensure that student mooters will continue to be judged by fantastic barristers and judges at the Inn so students can develop their skills in front of the best as well as meet some of the amazing lawyers at Gray’s.

2. I will develop hybrid in-person/virtual mooting opportunities to enable participation of students in and out of London as well as those who are nervous about in-person mooting.  

3. I will continue the Gray’s tradition of entering successful teams in national and international moots and I will improve the practical and moot-specific support the Inn provides teams. I will also ensure that students’ mooting successes are loudly celebrated by the Inn.

I am committed to giving students the best opportunities and it would be a privilege to do this as your Mooting Officer.

Bar Course provider representatives 

  • Representatives, both at the London providers and on Circuit, create and maintain channels of communication between the Inn’s Education Department, the Bar course providers and students

Inns of Court College of Advocacy

Vivian Aiyes A photograph of Vivian Aiyes

Hi everyone, I am currently on part 2 of the bar course at the Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA). I completed an LLB with a Study Abroad (in Japan (Niigata University)) at the University of Bristol, and an LLM in Public International Law Specialising in Human Rights at Utrecht University. Since then, I have worked as a research fellow at the Cross-cultural Human Rights Centre at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and a temp Junior Lecturer in Public International Law at Utrecht University. I have also volunteered in different charitable initiatives and other law-related projects.

Since starting the ICCA course, I have been elected as student rep for the 2021 Cycle 2 students, as I take initiative to ensure students are informed and well-connected. For example, I set up whatsapp groups and I have arranged multiple revision strategy sessions for ICCA students undertaking the Bar (Criminal/Civil Litigation) exams.

The ICCA is a new provider of the Bar course and follows a very different structure to other traditional providers. This can affect the way students access information on activities at Grays Inn. If elected my main aim will be to ensure that information is communicated clearly to students who are at different stages of the ICCA course, through organizing social events, a whatsapp group and working with the ICCA to unionise student groups.  Secondly, I intend to create a supportive space for all students, that means understanding the varying challenges facing my fellow students on the Bar course and working with other reps through monthly meetings to try to provide solutions. Overall, I hope to foster an inclusive student environment and stronger community ties between student members and members at different stages in their career at the Bar. 

BBP London University 

Hafsa Komal Toor A photograph of Hafsa Komal Toor

Hi, I am Hafsa Komal Toor and I am currently enrolled for BTC at BPP London (Holborn).

Previously I have done LLM in Commercial Law. Whilst doing LLM, I was elected as my class representative and I believe I proved to be a good representative for my class because I always made sure to put forward all the issues of the students in every meeting as well as at all the relevant times required to help my fellow students. I believe in being a strong bridge between the students and the staff to minimize the issues and try to help them get addressed as soon as possible.

If elected, I want to be a source of help for my fellow students to get them maximum advantage from the Gray’s Inn academically as well as for other purposes which will help them build the required confidence and knowledge to pursue their careers to the fullest.

After completing my LLB (Hons.) I have worked for an NGO for young children apart from working in a Commercial Law firm. I worked for the NGO for 2 years before starting my BTC and working there not just gave me experience but also immense satisfaction because I got a chance to give back to the society and help the children who are in dire need of love and affection due to the tragedies they have faced in their lives at a very early stage.

I look forward to be a friendly and always approachable person amongst the Gray’s Inn student body to effectively maintain the communication between the staff and students at BPP London.

The University of Law, London

Chester Chan A photograph of Chester Chan

I was born in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia and moved to the UK at 13 years old. I’ve had some great international experience having lived and worked in Hong Kong, Kolkata – India, and the UK over the

last 5 years. I received my LLB from the University of Exeter in 2019 and shortly found a job in the commercial side of a high-end luxury goods manufacturer in West London. I’m incredibly excited to return to law and can’t wait to get down to applying it.

Statement – U Law BPC

Every year, the cohort of students at Gray’s pass through and changes, leaving incoming students to build their own ties to both the Inn and their course provider. This leaves a whole ream of experiences that get left on the table simply through not hearing about it at the right time.

I believe the differentiator between Gray’s and the other Inns of Courts is our small, tight knit community and I want that to extend to every member of our U-Law cohort that we can really make the most of our time at the University.  

My aim is to create a supportive structure to help each other through the ins and outs of the course year, be it through simple study groups, a forum for discussion or a simple stage to voice opinion and gather information about what’s going on.

More-over, as we transition away from our time in lockdown, I hope to make sure that every student has at least one person from the Inn they can turn to, even if only for a chat. 

The University of Law, Birmingham

Laurie-Elizabeth Ketley A photograph of Elizabeth Ketley

My name is Laurie-Elizabeth and I am embarking upon my Masters and BPC, full-time from September 2021. I would like to nominate myself as a Student Representative for the University of Law.

Having previously Chaired my university’s Law Society through 2020 – 2021, I have obtained the necessary skills to become a proactive and supportive member of the AGIS Committee. It will be my duty to aid streamlined communications between the two organisations and help you to reap the rewards from the same. 

I single parent, volunteer for CAB, charities (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and studied my degree full time, which shows you I have the discipline and dedication to stay committed to this position. I am not scared of hard work and I am eager to help better your experience as a student with Gray’s Inn. 

In times of adversity, like those that we have faced, I will not neglect my duties, I will face those problems with you, with the aim of doing better and being better. I promise to ensure every single student has a voice and is heard. 

Many aspects of my life have been team focused. Not only will I help to support the other AGIS Committee roles, I will utilise this skill further, with the aim of bringing students together as one. I will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and support each and every student as much as I feasibly can.

I will push for increased opportunities in a bid to boost CVs, gain confidence and experience. I want to help generate success at the Bar, students’ personal growth and friendship. I want the AGIS to be a ‘community’, that enables members to have their say and be provided with opportunity.

I am grateful of your time and I thank you for your vote.

The University of Law, Leeds

Sinrou Wong A photograph of Sinrou

Hello everyone! I am Sinrou, or you may call me Sheryl. I am a Malaysian, growing in a multi-cultural country. I was a 2+1 Bachelor of Law student at Taylors University Lakeside Campus, Malaysia and the University of Leeds. Upon graduation, I will pursue the Bar Practice Course at the University of Law, Leeds.

I am running for the position of student representative of the Association of Gray’s Inn Students. My objective is to act as the bridge of communication between the Inn and the student. I would become the liaison between the Inn and the student and voice out for the students’ welfare. It would help to develop my personality and improve my soft skills such as leadership and problem-solving skill. In addition to that, I could also gain fruity experience if I have the opportunity to become one of the members of the Association of Gray’s Inn Students.

Next, I would like to address some of my characteristics and skills that show my suitability for this position. First of all, I considered myself a responsible person. I always put all my effort to complete the tasks assigned and ensures these tasks are completed in time. Besides, I have gained some transferable skills through my past experiences. For example, I have improved my communication skills via my past working experiences. In addition, I have also mastered the IT skills which I believe would be necessary for this position. Last but not least, I have also demonstrated my interpersonal skills in various activities that I had participated in in the past.

I am very interested in undertaking this position. I believe that these past experiences and skills make me a suitable candidate. At the same time, it would also provide me with a memorable and gainful experience.

Nottingham Trent University

Kurtis Ohwofasa Igbakpa A photograph of Kurtis Ohwofasa Igbakpa

My name is Kurtis Ohwofasa Igbakpa, and I am a foreign student from Nigeria. I am a first-class LLB (Hons) graduate from Staffordshire University. I will be starting my BPTC/LLM in September at Nottingham Trent University(NTU). I am particularly interested in International Arbitration and Criminal Law, and my values include the rule of law and equality of opportunities. During my study at Staffordshire University, I volunteered in many capacities, such as Student Warden and an intern at the University Legal Clinic. Where I was taught how to procure legal advice for real-life clients. Additionally, I also volunteered as Course Representative and Student Mentor during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, I mentored level 4 Students on the fundamental of thinking like Lawyers in a small online workshop group by applying the ‘IRAC’ formulaic.

I am running for the position of BPTC Representative. I possess the necessary qualities for this position because I am comfortable speaking in public and speaking in front of moot judges and Jury to present my concise and logical arguments. I am also a people’s person. My reason for running for this position is to cross-pollinate ideas, complaints, and queries between fellow students by acting as the voice of students between the AGIS, particularly in Social Mobility, Scholarship, and Education. Furthermore, if elected as AGIS Representative, I intend to establish a prototype ‘ombudsperson’ for resolving complaints, solving academic problems and recommending suggestions to Gray’s Inn for NTU BPTC students.

 As an elected representative, I understand that this role is similar to my previous roles as a Course Representative and Student Mentor. That I thoroughly enjoy every part of it by managing time effectively. This position will also allow me to further build networks with fellow students, lecturers, and the Education Department to address complaints feedback effectively.

Manchester Metropolitan University 

Nicholas Roxborough

My name is Nick Roxborough. I am currently studying my Masters and Bar Training Course full time at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am nominating myself as the Student Representative of my BTC provider.

I studied my LLM at the University of Liverpool and also spent time studying politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am a native Mancunian and am proud to belong to such a wonderful institution and city.

I have worked for the last year as a legal assistant as part of a large team. This experience, as well as my experiences working throughout university, and my varied university experience will be invaluable in this role. I pride myself on strong communication and a desire to complete all of my duties to the best of my ability.

I consider myself to be personable and aim to be approachable with everyone. I feel these characteristics would make me the ideal candidate to represent my University and its students within the Inn and will use my skills in communication to bridge the gap between the two in order to ensure my peers feel their needs are represented.

The last two years have been challenging for everybody. Students have faced unprecedented change, needing to adapt to a vastly different experience. I believe this makes it more vital than ever for strong links between ourselves and our Inn. I am passionate about student representation and believe that the student voice is integral to the successful functioning of the institutions within which they operate. It would be a privilege to represent my fellow bar students at Manchester Metropolitan University and I will make it my priority to ensure that seamless communication and representation are features of their first experiences with Gray’s Inn.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

BPP Manchester Representative

Benjamin Koo A photograph of Benjamin Koo

My name is Benjamin Koo. I am running to be the student representative for BPP Manchester.

For anyone wondering whether I would be suitable for this role, most importantly I take any given role entrusted to me seriously. People who know me would consider me as an organised, detailed orientated and a very punctual person. I always ensure that the responsibilities given to me will be fully completed. Furthermore, it has been tested and verified by people who know me that I am a fun, geeky and sociable person. I love talking about DC and Marvel (controversial I know) and engaging new people from different backgrounds! I believe that being approachable is one of the qualities needed to be an effective student representative for BPP Manchester.

My goals

I have various past leadership experiences: in schools, universities, workplaces and church. However, I would rather use the limited words to better outline my goals. I believe that this role relies heavily on creating a platform for students’ voices at BPP Manchester to be heard and nurturing a sense of family for us.

What’s next?

My first initiative is to create a group chat for us! I intend to use a group chat to relay important and concise information of any Gray’s events and would also love it to be a safe space for everyone. Moreover, I love to know you all! As I would be tasked to be a conduit for the committee, a coffee chat at the Anchor coffee shop (one of the best in Manchester) is something I am looking forward to. I will be attentive to your opinions and suggestions in how events could be inclusive. Lastly, I would be delighted to organise picnics or outings (within NHS guidelines)!

Thank you for considering me as your student representative!

City Law School

Zoe Seen Chan A photograph of Zoe Seen Chan

Hello! My name is Zoe, and I would love to be your City Law School representative. I did my LLB at the University of Birmingham, and after a few years of working at an international human rights NGO, I returned to academia to pursue an LLM (Professional Advocacy) at City Law School; I will be starting the BVS at City this autumn.

During my undergraduate degree, I served on 4 different committees and was a student representative – I am dedicated and passionate about fostering a community! I am confident in my time management skills, as well as my ability to liaise between different parties and communicate with student from diverse backgrounds.

If elected, I will:

  • Advocate for you
    The past year has shown us how important it is for the student community to stand united in the face of difficulties. I will stand for you, voice your opinions, and ensure your feedback is heard.
  • Be a bridge between communities

I will be the clear line of communication between the City Law School community and the Inn. Beyond that, I aim to make connections with other young lawyers’ associations and the broader legal community and highlight the unique challenges aspiring barristers are facing.

  • Regularly update you on exciting opportunities
    The combination of City Law School and Gray’s Inn offers a unique range of events to better your skills and enrich your CV. I will keep you in the loop and make sure you’re able to take advantage of them.
  • Assist AGIS with organising exciting events (and make sure you are invited!)
  • Be a friend when you need one!

Northumbria University 

Crystal Lim A photograph of Crystal Lim

Hi! My name is Crystal and I am due to start my LLM Bar Course in September 2021. I would be honoured to be your next BPC student representative for Northumbria University.

As an international student ambassador for Queen’s University of Belfast during my undergraduate years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several peers and the International Office to proudly represent my university to prospective students from all over the globe.

I wish to take my acquired experiences from this role to be the next strong voice for the Gray’s Inn student community at Northumbria University. My primary reason to stand for office is that I completely understand how we are all in the same boat floating around on similar concerns and queries, especially amidst the pandemic. As budding barristers, I also know how valuable opportunities provided by both Gray’s Inn and Northumbria University would be for us to create established careers.

Therefore, if selected as your student representative for Northumbria University, I will always:

  • Fiercely advocate the interests of Northumbria University’s students at AGIS meetings
  • Maintain a close working relationship between staff and students within the Inn and University for opportunities and support
  • Coordinate and ensure that all students can easily access any activities and events promoted by Gray’s Inn (especially because we are out of London!)
  • Be a friendly and approachable listener or direct point of contact to address all your issues to anytime

Thank you for your kind consideration and I am beyond excited to meet every one of you soon!

The University of Law, Manchester 

Mohammad Torkian A photograph of Mohammad Torkian

I would love the opportunity to get involved with the Association of Gray’s Inn Students.  

I attended the Advocacy Day ran by the Inn earlier this year, and since then knew that the Inn was the perfect place for me. I want to help spread the word about the events run by the Inn and encourage current members on my BPTC programme to be more involved. I am currently a rep for my Graduate Diploma Law course and have previously volunteered as a Peer Mentor for my university. As a rep, I take any concerns by my course mates to the Head of Manchester campus, including revision support, timetabling issues, and funding support. I would like to take these skills and transfer them to being able to help the Association. I also volunteer in the Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy, in which I visit prisons, probation teams and current clients to help spread the word of the great work the charity carries out. Therefore, publicising events and working with different groups of people should be no issue.  

I look forward to your consideration of my application. 


The University of West England A photograph of Abbie Leigh

Hi! My name is Abbie Leigh and I would love to be your UWE representative. I studied the LLB at UWE and now studying the BTC/LLM at UWE also. 

Previously, I was UWE’s Law Society Vice President in 2020/21. I undertook this role during Covid which although was challenging, as we had to adapt, I enjoyed immensely and have been able to develop the skills to become a supportive and proactive AGIS Committee member.

I believe that this role is suited to me as I have been a part of many sports societies, volunteered, and maintained a good studying balance which enabled me to improve my organisational and communication skills. All of these skills are vital in being able to be an AGIS Committee member and I shall do this to the best of my ability.

I will ensure that I will:

  • Advocate strongly, your interests and concerns and engage with the Inn to find solutions for these concerns
  • Always be approachable and friendly to listen to any issues
  • Ensure that all students can access events by Gray’s Inn as we are on circuit and update you on all opportunities

I look forward to meeting you all soon !

GDL Officer 

  • The GDL officer will promote the interests of GDL members to the committee

Nicholas Zeolla A photograph of Nicholas Zeolla


I am a recent history undergraduate from UCL and a keen new member of Gray’s Inn. I am starting the GDL at City Law School in September and I am running to be your first point-of-call and liaison between all GDL institutions and the Inn.

Why am I running?

  1. These are still uncertain times. As we approach the ambiguities of ‘Blended learning’ and online exams, I promise to provide a strong voice for GDL students to engage with the Inn in an effort to remedy any worries, concerns or problems that may arise over the course of the next year.
  2. I have experience. I have worked effectively on multiple committees at UCL and have effected real change as a representative for my cohort in the past and want to continue doing so in the future.
  3. I am relaxed, responsive, and approachable. I want to offer an open point-of-call for GDL students through which I will listen, engage with, and take action upon independent as well as any general issues that might arise.

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