Chapel Readers

The post of the Chaplain, later often known as Chapel Readers, was established in 1315 (the Chapel predates the Inn), and amalgamated with that of the Preacher in 1928. A list of Chapel Readers from 1569 is available to search.

Stewards and Under-Treasurers

This is the list of the Stewards and their successors, the Under-Treasurers. The post of Steward is evidenced from at least 1520 and was re-thought as that of Under-Treasurer in 1899 as part of the general reform of the Inn.

Head Porters

This is an account of the development of  the post of Head Porter, known as such from 1720, and crucial since that date in the security of the Inn.


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Chapel Readers

Explore history of the Inn's Chapel Readers

Stewards & Under-Treasurers

Historical list of the Stewards, their successors & the Under-Treasurers

Historical Staff Members

View the names of Historical staff Members