World War II

The following members lost their lives during World War II (1939-45).

Detailed accounts for these members are not currently available. If you have a specific inquiry about one of these members, please contact the Archivist. 

Information may also be available on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website.

  • Cyril Floyd Bennett
  • Colin Campbell Blair
  • James Gordon Campbell
  • John Leslie Gordon Campbell
  • Peter Alan Carter
  • Bibhati Bhusan Chatergee
  • Geraint Clement-Davies
  • Campbell Crichton-Miller
  • John Michael Dalton
  • Donald Charles Farquharson
  • Frederick Anthony Porter Fausset
  • Basil Anthony Fleming
  • Esmond Birch Graham-Little
  • Maurice Groves
  • John Cecil Alister Hayes
  • Henry Graham Head
  • Leslie Martin Herbert
  • Francis Everard Hodgson
  • John Reginald Jones
  • Henry William Kearney
  • Geoffrey Yale Glyn Lloyd
  • Richard Connell Manning
  • Howard Norman Marlow
  • Michael Harrington Matthews
  • John Desmond Mulholland
  • Hector Garrick Pilling
  • Henry Derek Ripley
  • William Fotheringham Roach
  • George Reicher Royde
  • Henry Neville Dashwood Russell
  • Michael Campbell Shawcross
  • Martin Tyringham Stevens
  • Howard Barrett Tanner
  • Thomas Francis Todd
  • Edward Roger Wakefield
  • Stanley Reginald Welson

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