Who we are

Master Treasurer: Ali Malek QC
Vice Treasurer: Rt Hon Sir Peter Gross
Under Treasurer: Brigadier Anthony Harking OBE 

We have a diverse membership spanning from our student members just starting out on the path to a career at the bar, through to our pupil, new practitioner and senior barrister members and members of the judiciary.  

Our members are involved in various committees that contribute to the Inn, ensuring that our members views are central to the organisation and running of the Inn. 

Pension, which comprises of our Masters of the Bench (also known as 'Benchers'), and the Under Treasurer, its Chief Executive, is the Inn's governing body. 

The Management Committee is responsible for the general management of the business of the Inn.

The Barristers’ Committee is seen as the ‘Voice of Hall’ and represents the view of members of Hall who are barristers and are not Masters of the Bench.

The AGIS Committee is comprised of current Bar Course students with representatives at Bar Course providers both in London and on Circuit. Committee members also serve on the Student Affairs Committee of the Inn. 

Seniors in Hall are a committee of members of the Inn (collectively known as the Panel) responsible to the Bench and selected to fulfil certain duties in Hall during student events.

Individuals who support and contribute to the life of the Inn, but are not members, may be invited to become a Fellow of the Inn.

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