AGIS Committee

The Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS) represents the student members of Gray’s Inn. 

AGIS will champion your rights, liaise with both the Inn and your BPTC provider and arrange social activities throughout the year.


AGIS elections for the 2019-20 committee are open!

Every year new members of AGIS are elected by you, for you.


Voting is open to current BPTC students. Current students will receive an email allowing them to register their vote electronically when voting opens. 

 Read the candidate statements for each committee role below. 

  • Voting opens: 17 September
  • Voting closes: Midnight, 22 September

Committee roles

Candidate Statements


  • The President has ultimate responsibility for the Committee's activities and events and represents the Committee by attending the Inn’s Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The President is the chief liaison between the Committee and the Education Department

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Joe Broadway 

My name is Joseph Broadway and I would like you to consider me for the role of President. 

I have substantial experience in positions of management having previously been a company director of a large manufacturing business for the past six years. I am also presently a trustee of Law for Life a public legal education charity. Through these roles I have years of experience of leading complex organisations and have developed exceptional administrative skills that would allow me to ensure that the AGIS Committee is run smoothly and professionally. Additionally, I have lobbied at all levels of government. This experience has given me the confidence and the skills to ensure that the needs and interests of those I am representing are heard. 

I promise to be a fearless advocate for the students of Gray’s Inn and to make sure that your voices are listened to, within the committee and beyond. If elected I will ensure that students can easily make their opinions known to the committee. I will ensure students can easily get in touch, for example through social media or online surveys, to give feedback on events and make suggestions. 

I am also a proud Bristolian, born and raised in the South West, and fully intend to practice on the Western Circuit. I am proud of the Western Circuit, it is both modern and forward looking.

I want to make sure that the Association of Gray’s Inn Students works as much for students on circuit as it does for students in London, and I will aim to work closely with BPTC Representatives to ensure that being on circuit does not mean missing out. 

If elected I will do my utmost to make sure that AGIS works for all students.

Thank you for your consideration.

Aisha Naeem

My name is Aisha Naeem and I am a fresh law graduate from the University of London. I am an enthusiastic doer; my experience is vast however much of it is concentrated in management
and team work. I don’t spend Photograph of Aisha Naeemall of my time on theory, but rather spend time knowing how things happen in real life and work against contingencies to reach the desired goals. My amicable and emphatic nature caused me to become President Student council. During this tenure, I made many friends belonging from all sorts of backgrounds and learned the art of working in groups and lead projects. I also developed propensity to remain assertive in all kinds of situations. My encouraging and ebullient nature made me secure a special place in the hearts of those around me hence leading to being elected as the President Student council for the next year as well.

 Not only this, but I have worked as an event manager and have been part of the organization team for some of Pakistan’s best events up to date. I am also a member of AIESEC international, which is the world’s largest youth run organization, and served as Director AIESEC of finance and legal department for two consecutive terms. I have worked in 3 of the best law firms of my country.

Apart from all that, I am a big fan of music and food. I love to read, travel and explore new things. I’m fond of making friends and I love to learn from people, their language, cultures, beliefs and most importantly their ways of having fun. Life is not a competition; rather it’s all about helping and inspiring others so all of us can reach our potentials. This is what I believe in and what makes me an apt President.

Emma Shiels         
Photograph of emma Shiels

I am currently a full time BPTC student at the University of Law Leeds. I have been the President of a number of clubs and societies in previous years and would love the opportunity to represent the students of Grays Inn as your President this year. During my Undergraduate degree I was on the committee for LEX Law Society, our Trampolining Club and other societies. I had many duties including; chairing meetings, running campaigns, organising competitions and liaising with various Chambers to arrange networking events. Additionally, I was the LLB Course Representative and the Law School Representative for all four years of my degree. My role as Course Representative led to me gaining experience in voicing the concerns of my fellow students at School Forum meetings, Course Representative meetings and others. Through my Law School Representative role I took those concerns and opinions further and voiced them at Student’s Union meetings, SASQ meetings and meetings with the Dean, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University. I also led the campaign that led to four modules changing the way they assess our Year One students. During school, I was the Chairperson of the House and the School Councils as well as Head Girl during Year 13. These roles have again given me a vast range of experience in representing my fellow students and guaranteeing that their voices are heard.

I would revel in the opportunity to represent our student community here at Grays and would ensure that all students, both circuit and London, gain the most they can from their Inn . I would ensure that we held a large amount of events and competitions outside of London, as well as in London, so that students do not have to worry about the expense of travelling and staying in the Capital.

Harry Samuels

My name is Harry, and I am on the BPTC at City Law School in London, having completed the GDL there last year. Photograph of Harry Samuels

If elected President, I would focus on access to the Bar. With qualification now costing tens of thousands of pounds even for those with scholarships from the Inns or providers, something is going very wrong, and we have to try and fix this for future years.

I also want to make Gray’s Inn even more welcoming for existing students, by expanding the number of social events both in London and outside London, and including GDL students across the country.


  1. Co-ordinate with other Inns to urgently review the BCAT. £150 for EU students and £170 for non-EU students is unnecessarily expensive.
  2. Cheaper qualifying sessions to make Gray’s the most affordable place to qualify.
  3. Run more events outside London for students on circuit.
  4. Bigger access schemes for underrepresented groups, including BAME people, people with disabilities and people from low-income backgrounds.
  5. Expand the pupillage advice and mentoring schemes.


  • Sat on my undergraduate college’s academic committee, representing student complaints, securing investments of tens of thousands of pounds, and winning the living wage for student workers.
  • Was an NUS delegate from my undergraduate university and helped create national policy on student mental health and battling campus anti-Semitism.
  • Managed a student committee of around 20 people with a multi-million pound budget, delivering social events including balls and debates.
  • Helped run an anti-homelessness campaign which has led directly to an attempt to repeal the draconian Vagrancy Act in Parliament.

So for an experienced candidate with a clear focus for the year ahead, vote for Harry Samuels for AGIS President!

Hajar Sayed- Hossen

Photograph of Hajar Sayed-Hossen

My name is Hajar Sayed-Hossen and I am a newly registered Mauritian student of the BPTC at BPP Law School. I completed my LLB with French Law at the University of Kent, Canterbury in 2018, having spent one of those years in Bordeaux, France. I chose to stay another year in Canterbury, whereby I enrolled for an LLM in Commercial Law with Intellectual Property. During my years at the University, I tried to balance studies and activities, and presided over the Mauritian Society for the duration of my undergraduate studies. I have learned about leadership and the importance of mutual understanding and cooperation within a committee. I have also been an active member of the Kent Law Clinic, whereby I have been working alongside solicitors. This has required of me to register in much information and remain attentive to details, namely during client meetings. I practiced football as a hobby since high school and have recently taken to powerlifting. This has implied working on a disciplined lifestyle, a discipline which I intend to put into practice as a committee member of the AGIS as I further such skills as multi-tasking and strategic planning. I am determined to work towards the smooth running of activities and events throughout the year, to set aside the time required to ensure good communication and sharing of information between the Committee and various departments. I shall remain attentive to the requests and pleadings of members, trying to avoid any disparities, making sure to point out any matter of concern which might erupt over time. Being from a multicultural community, promoting diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities will be a key priority. I am aware of the importance of duties involved in joining the AGIS committee and commit to being fully efficient.

Callum Reid-Hutchings

Photpgraph of Callum Reid-Hutchings

I believe I am apt for this role due to previous positions I have held in my former institutions. After being College Rep for the undergraduate cohort at my university, I understand the pivotal role a representative has between students and staff at the university. I know I can translate this role into the president of the AGIS. Ensuring that there is a manifestation of the opinions and queries from the students of the AGIS, which can then be communicated at committee meetings and so forth.

In my role, I want to create meaningful activities, which are not only educational and beneficial for students at the Bar but also entertaining. This would involve trying to organise various trips for the students potentially, perhaps even try and invite guest speakers to some events.

Although, the chief responsibility is that I provide representation at meetings, it will also be to ensure the BPTC year is one where you look back fondly on the various things you were able to do.

Of course, my role would be to ensure all students voices are heard. But it is also to ensure that everything is done in the best interests of the Inn.

Various accolades I have achieved are a Bronze HEAR Award from University to recognise my contribution as a student representative where I have worked to improve the student experience at university. I was also given the Employability Award for outstanding contribution. Hopefully, these awards can evidence the role I will play for the AGIS.

Amir Shehu

Photograph of Amir Shehu

My name is Amir, and I firmly believe that I have the skills and experience necessary to be your next President.

During my undergraduate degree, I was actively involved in the creation of a new society at the University of Liverpool - the Legal Research Society - and was peer elected the subsequent year as its first President, at a time when I was also elected as Vice-President of the Advocacy Society.

Between my roles in the two societies, I successfully organized as many as 10 exciting and brand new events at the University of Liverpool, from a Legal Research competition, to a Speed Mooting Competition, to talks and debates on topical issues such as the refugee crisis, the repeal of the Human Rights Act and Brexit. In fact, my work across the two societies led me to receiving two awards at graduation - the Dean's Award and the Law School Award - for "Most Outstanding Contribution to Life at the Law School".

If elected as your President, I will have a specific focus. My primary focus will be to organise events that will boost your CV and experience as much as possible, so that you are best placed to secure pupillages and tenancy against the tough competition of other Inn's. Secondly, I will work to make possible all of the creative and innovative ideas that the AGIS Committee has.

In other words, my approach will be a bottom-up, team effort. I will focus on increasing your opportunities - whilst your other officers focus on your student experience.

I promise that I will work relentlessly and diligently to make sure that you all have the most unique and unforgettable student experience for Gray's Inn. Please honour me with your vote - and lets make this the best Gray's Inn cohort ever!

Toel Koyithara

Photograph of Toel Koyithara

As a blind student educated at a state school, the drive to increase diversity has been of great importance to me. During the first year of my undergraduate degree at Oxford, I was involved with the formation of the first equalities committee at Lady Margaret Hall. The work of the committee emphasised the importance of equality and contributed in the college becoming the first Oxbridge institution to adopt the foundation year scheme for applicants from less privileged backgrounds. I was also a member of the Oxford Law and Disability Policy Project, which organised the inaugural disability law and policy conference.  The success of the project has seen leading academics liaising with the university to establish a landmark masters course devoted to disability studies.

if I am selected as president the following are the issues I hope to address:

  •  As a disabled candidate who has not been able to yet attempt the BCAT due to a lack of provisions for reasonable adjustments, it has highlighted the exclusive nature of the test. As well as addressing the lack of accessibility for disable candidates, I will strive to find ways in which the cost can be reduced; so that a lack of finances does not deter talented candidates.

  • I also want to work closely with the Inn as the new BPTC is being developed and ensure that concerns regarding accessibility and diversity are placed at the forefront.

  • I would like to organise a similar disability event at the Inn, so that you and present barristers alike can increase your knowledge of disability issues and accordingly implement some of the ideas in your practice.

I hope you will consider lending me your votes, so that I can attempt to enact some of these ideas, for the betterment of ourselves, and future members alike.


  • The Vice President is the organisational heart of the Committee
  • Along with the President, the Vice President also attends the Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The Vice-President will deputise for the President of the Committee when required

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Weishi Yang

Photograph of Weishi Yang

I’m Weishi, a BPTC student at BPP. I just finished the BCL at the University of Oxford, Lincoln College, and have a BA (Hons) in Law from the University of Cambridge, St John’s College.
I am applying for the Vice President of AGIS because I really want to get involved with the Inn and thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know everyone! 

I am organised, detail-oriented, and sociable. I was the Mistress of Moots at the Cambridge University Law Society, during which time I led a team of 13 sub-committee members, ran over 100 rounds of mooting, advertised events, and recruited and trained student judges. It gave me lots of experience in booking (so many) rooms, chasing up on emails, and liaising between students and the University. I was also the Mistress of Moots at St John’s College, was a member of the University mooting sub-committee myself, worked as an Editor for both the Cambridge Law Review and the Wilberforce Society, wrote for the Cambridge African Prisons Project, took part in four mooting competitions, and attended a whole lot of dance lessons in between. I’m great at timetabling my (own and others) time, and have lots of experience in managing multiple conflicting timetables and distributing information. 

Thank you for reading - I look forward to meeting everyone soon! 

­Rosanna Martin

Photograph of Rosanna Martin

I am standing for the position of Vice President for the 2019-20 academic year where I will be attending City Law School.

I wish to be part of the committee not only to ensure continued development and improvement by embracing new and existing challenges the Inn might face, but I would also wish to immerse myself in the Gray’s Inn community to strengthen the ongoing support, dedication and education that the Inn and members provide.

It was whilst working for Surrey Police in the communications department and as a policy advisor that I learnt the importance of organisation and communication to ensure the smooth running of an association so goals can be achieved and visions reached.  It is through the role of Vice President that I will ensure the committee, members and events run efficiently and effectively to continue and develop the Gray’s Inn vision. Through paralegal roles in law firms in Guildford and Plymouth plus roles at Surrey Police, I have obtained excellent administrative and organisational skills. For example, organising and taking minutes at internal senior police meetings and organising an external business development and networking event with a local accounting firm. Through these varied experiences I pride myself on being approachable, communicative and understanding, whether it is listening to your concerns as a student or dropping into the education department for a cup of tea and catch up about an upcoming meeting or event. As Vice President of AGIS I will utilise my existing administrative and communication skills to ensure the highest standard of organisation, provide an effective working committee and support the President and committee members.  


  • The Treasurer is responsible for the annual budget allocated to AGIS and is the primary liaison between the Committee and the Inn’s Director of Education and Accounts Department as the bank with regard to recording and management of the AGIS accounts

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Lisa Bowles

Photograph of Lisa Bowles

I am a mature student who converted to law after having children, currently studying the BPTC at BPP London. Originally training in the Corporate Secretariat department at David Venus LLP, I dealt with corporate compliance and governance matters ranging from maintaining statutory registers, company incorporations, drafting minutes and orders, to more complex work such as group and multi-company reduction of capital, dissolution projects and IPO’s. I undertook an Open University degree in Business (First) alongside full time employment, and post maternity leave I completed the GDL at The University of Law (Commendation) whilst concurrently studying a distance learning LLM in Employment Law with The University of Leicester.

In terms of legal interests and pro-bono, I have recently started with the FRU volunteering for social security cases; and before this I assisted at the National Centre for Domestic Violence, Citizen’s Advice and GERALD Employment Law Advice Helpline. I also spent a number of years occupied teaching disadvantaged teenagers as youth worker and an Army Cadet Force Instructor.

I have been a member of Gray’s Inn since 2017 (Baroness Hale of Richmond and David Karmel scholar). I feel I have a number of skills that will suit the role of Treasurer, in particular my experience of financial reporting and accounting which are reflected in my previous employment background and studies in general. I would very much like to give something back to the Inn and support the current students by acting as the link between the students and the Inn (alongside the other AGIS officers), and where necessary drawing attention to any matters of concern affecting students. I also promise to maximise the AGIS budget so long as it is in my remit to do so.

Leila Badvie

It would be a pleasure and honour to serve the Association of Gray’s Inn Students as either Treasurer or Vice President should I be fortunate to have the opportunity. I am based in London, cycle around the city and am due to commence the Bar Practice Training Course this month at City (so will not be far from the Inn most weekdays allowing regular attendance at meetings). 

I undertook my undergraduate in the 90’s (coincidentally not far from the Inn)  at King’s College London and have a twenty year background in healthcare working around the UK. Demanding clinical roles taught me organisational and time management skills. These were sharpened whilst studying for my qualifying Master of Laws at Birkbeck, London where I attended evening lectures after working for the NHS in the day. During my time at Birkbeck, I became known as an unofficial ‘social secretary’ for the part-time students. This emerged after I set up a successful supportive study group open to all masters students in the year. From this, regular gatherings evolved which I continue to organise two years on, where we discuss and support / encourage one another along our individual paths.

I now thoroughly enjoy organising myself and others. I have experience of chairing and taking minutes, however, not in the legal field so I would welcome the challenge and experience of organising, attending & keeping minutes. 

Finally I am very good with finances and numbers, have extensive experience in communicating with multiple agencies to facilitate the smooth running of successful treatment plans and hope that these skills are transferable in the role of Treasurer or Vice President. 

Social secretary 

  • The Secretary is the organisational heart of the Committee and is primarily responsible for ensuring smooth administration throughout the year
  • In the absence of a Vice-President, the Secretary acts as deputy for the President
  • The Secretary manages the organisation of committee meetings including distributing an agenda and keeping minutes
  • The Secretary also sits on the Barrister's Committee

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Lara Al-Wakeel

Photograph of Lara Al-Wakeel

My name is Lara Al-Wakeel, I am an international law graduate from Kingston University. I will be commencing by BPTC and LLM course at City university this September. 

I would like to put myself forward for the position of social secretary for the association of Gray's Inn students.

I have been organising and planning events since I was 17 years old. Some of the events I have been involved in are as follows: 

- I’ve have been part of the organising committee for the Mar Behnam Syriac Catholic Church. With this committee I have been involved in planning and organising major fundraising events for the last seven years. We organise a minimum of two fundraisers a year (one at Easter and one on New Year’s Eve) with smaller fundraisers dotted around if necessary. 
- In 2013 and 2014 I was the creator and lead organiser for Rosebery High School’s Musicathon; a 24 hour continuous live music concert. The event raised money for the school’s music department, each event raised a minimum of £1500 from sponsorships alone. 

Over these last seven years I have learnt so much about event planning and organising and I have learnt other important skills from this experience. I have become a great communicator and I have gained so much leadership experience as a result.

I hope you will consider me for the role of Social Secretary.

Rosanna Martin

Photograph of Rosanna Martin

I am standing for the position of Social Secretary for the 2019-20 academic year where I will be attending City Law School. 

Whilst in my final year of a BSc in Sociology at Cardiff University I was a member of the Social Science Committee, working as part of a team to organise the annual Social Science Ball. I was involved in all aspects of event organisation, such as: venue and catering, liaison with the business school treasurer, marketing, sale of tickets and logistics on the evening. In particular, I persuaded a local night club to sponsor the event and therefore ensuring the continued presence of the Social Science Society in the wider community. Since then, I am always excited to engage in any opportunity to organise all types of events, from the annual Guildford Rowing Club dinner and ceilidh dance to a curry and bowling night with a regional accounting firm whilst working as a paralegal. 

I want to be part of the committee as the Social Secretary not only to ensure the continued development and publicity of the Inn and wanting to immerse myself in the Gray’s Inn community, but because I enjoy the excitement of designing, creating and implementing a successful event. It is my professional and personal experiences of event organisation combined with my creativity, enthusiasm and powers of persuasion that will ensure a high standard calendar of events as well as reinforcing the AGIS presence within and outside the Gray’s Inn community. 

Polly Efstratiadi Photograph of Polly Efstratiadi

I’m Polly, I am from Greece and have studied Law at Oxford and UCL. I’ve always tried to make the most of what different places have to offer outside studying and have realised how rewarding it is to meet new people around you through events you create together. At Oxford, I was one of my college’s Entertainment Rep and a member of the organizing committee for Oxford Pink Week. I was also the Treasurer and Publicity Officer of Oxford Bar Soc, which involved liaising between students and other bodies, allocating responsibilities and working in a team to set up speaker events.

I am keen to play my part in making Grays Inn a place where everyone feels welcome regardless of how they like to have fun and to work with the rest of the Committee for finding the best ways to do so. That’s why I’m running for Social Secretary and hoping to start brainstorming event ideas soon!

Publicity officer 

  • The Publicity Officer's chief role is to produce and distribute publicity and to market AGIS events

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Elena Johnson Photograph of Elena Johnson

Hi, I’m Elena- I’m currently doing my BPTC at ULaw and living here in Gray’s.

As the Publicity Officer for a charity event in 2015, I advertised events and contacted guest speakers, leading to sold-out events which raised over £22,000 for Macmillan and other charities. I had a similar role in my university Bar Society, where I organised and publicised events, helping the average audience size to triple. In these roles I also learned the importance of working together with the wider committee.

Being the AGIS Publicity Officer also includes hosting a podcast. I can interview professionally when I need to- I interviewed local counsellors as my borough’s Deputy Youth Mayor, and barristers at university. I’ve also gained a lot of public speaking experience through moots, debating and speeches. Perhaps most importantly though, by waitressing in cafés from the age of 15 I’ve got a lot of experience in just having a chat!

I’d like to discuss topics in the podcast by drawing on the various perspectives of Gray’s student members- I personally am of the first generation in my family to go to university and I know others have taken numerous different routes to get here. I think this could lead to some really interesting discussion.

Thanks for reading!

Mark O’Brien O’Reilly

Photograph of mark O'brien O'reilly

My name is Mark O’Brien O’Reilly and I have just moved to London to commence the BPTC at BPP University. I recently graduated from University College Dublin where I read Law with History. I love to travel, follow horse racing and read in my spare time. 

I am applying for the position of Publicity Officer because I am eager to get involved with the Gray’s Inn community. I am grateful for the support the Inn has offered me and I would like to give back by getting involved with the association. I am applying for the position of Publicity Officer as I have extensive experience of social media promotions through my last job where I was responsible for managing several social media accounts on behalf of a summer accommodation provider. I developed my interview and communication skills as I regularly interviewed various clients on camera. These videos were used in the business’ promotional materials. I believe these skills would be transferable to the role. 

I am excited about the prospect of organizing and hosting a podcast. The Inn has a diverse range of members from students and young practitioners to established QCs and judges, and I believe the podcast can bring together different voices in a way which will be beneficial for students. I am eager to get other student members involved in the podcast and I would welcome the chance to make a contribution to the life of the Inn. 

Law Journal editor 

  • The Editor is responsible for publishing and editing the Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal, a bi-annual collection of legal articles written by members of Gray’s Inn and uploaded on the Inn’s website

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Seun Adekoya

Photograph of Seun Adekoya

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge in 2018, then attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School as a Thouron Scholar. At Cambridge, I was the Head of Press of the Cambridge Union Society, which required me to write and edit press releases advertising upcoming Union events. Furthermore, as Master of Moots for the Queens’ Bench Law Society, I wrote and judged Moot competitions.

During my LLM year in America, I was an Associate Editor of the University’s Journal of International Law (JIL). Law School Journals in America are notorious for being student run, thus the articles of accomplished and established academics are sifted through and picked by novice student law students. Despite my luke-warm feeling as to the probity of this practice, being an Editor of an America gave me special insight into the peculiarities of a student run journal. As an Associate Editor, we were tasked mainly with editing the articles to the excruciating standard of the Bluebook so I am very familiar with the process of a draft journal article going through several iterations to become the published product.

 But, more importantly, I really enjoyed reading the articles. At Penn, JIL published scholarship on diverse issues including international business and investment law, global IP issues, human rights, armed conflict, international peace and security, and international institutions. From what I can see on the Gray’s Student Journal website, the diversity of scholarship on this Journal is no less. It would be a great privilege and honour to contribute to the publication of the Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal in 2019/2020. 

Harrison Edmonds

Photograph of harrison edmunds

I am studying the BPTC at BPP in London. I converted to law, having done medieval history at university. I am running to be Student Law Journal Editor, and I think I would be a good candidate for the following reasons.

I am the only candidate who was an associate editor of last year’s journal, in which I had an article published. This means that I already have a unique insight into both sides of the journal, having been both an editor and a contributor. From these experiences, I am familiar with the calls for submissions process and the OSCOLA referencing system. I know how important teamwork is, between both members of the editorial board and between the editors and contributors. I believe that it is important for contributors to get constructive criticism to help them improve not only their articles but also their academic writing in general. As Editor, I would do my best to ensure that contributors got detailed, helpful feedback.

The Student Journal is a great opportunity for those relatively new to law to get experience of academic legal writing, and I would also work hard to push awareness of the Journal to wider students on the GDL. I want the Journal to reflect the range of our Student Members, with a diversity of contributions on varying topics from academic articles to case notes on recent judgments.

I am also an active member of the student community at the Inn, and enjoy getting involved in AGIS events such as the pub quiz. I want to bring the Law Journal into the heart of the Student Community at Gray’s Inn and to promote it among the BPTC providers both within and outside London, and would work closely with other members of the Committee to achieve those goals.

Callum Reid Hutchings

Photograpah of Callum Reid - Hutchings

After graduating from university, I wrote a joint article with my internship supervisor at university. This was an incredibly fulfilling experience and grew my knowledge in this area of law to a high level, hence why I believe it’s critical to have a student law journal which members can write for. Many may agree with me that reading journal articles sincerely helped with grades and took my understanding of various topics to new heights. They were also incredibly informative of the current law. Whilst being Journal Editor, I hope to provide contemporary articles which cover a broad range of practice areas. As this not only helps to spread words of various areas of law, which some may not be aware of, but it could also open up various other areas of law to the eyes of students to exploit in practice once called to the Bar.

Importantly, I will maintain a strong relationship with the publicity officer to ensure the journal goes further than the readers of the Inn. In essence, meaning the Inn’s journal readers will come far and wide and promote more awareness for the journal and the members writing the articles. And who knows, they may even go as far to being on a reading list for a university one day!

This is also a great opportunity for members to have their first piece published in a journal. An excellent addition for any job application.

Indeed, as much as ideas will be sent to me and the articles themselves, it would be intriguing to possibly set topic ideas for the journal which match current affairs, which could benefit from some legal input.

Philine Scheer

My name is Philine and I would like to apply for the position of Student Law Journal Editor. 

I was very impressed by the high quality and breadth of articles in previous editions of the journal and I am keen to ensure that this year’s issue continues this standard. 

As a doctoral law student and former associate editor of the Oxford Business Law Blog, I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to edit contributions on a wide variety of subjects and provide advice on legal research and writing where required. 

I would also look forward to liaising with other committee members and the Education Department and hope to draw on my previous experience on student committees as DPhil course representative and postgraduate officer of the Oxford Bar Society.

Alexandra Stasiuk

I am currently undertaking the BPTC at BPP University in Leeds. I am originally from the Cayman Islands where I completed the first two years of my degree at the Truman Bodden Law School serving as Student-body Vice President and Editor of the Student Law Gazette. I completed the final year of my degree at the University of Liverpool. I am the 2018 and 2019 recipient of the Walkers Legal Scholarship and intend to be called to the Bar in the Cayman Islands before returning to England in order to establish a practice.

I thoroughly enjoy being organized and staying involved which is why I believe I would be a valued member of the AGIS. I appreciate the opportunity to join the AGIS the Student Law Journal Editor.

Mooting and Debating Officer 

  • The Mooting and Debating Officer's role includes organising internal mooting and debating events, and facilitating the participation of student members in external mooting and debating competitions

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Alex Mullen

Photograph of Alex Mullen

Hi! I’m Alex, a BPTC student at BPP and proud member and scholar of Gray’s having graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London this summer. I’m interested in representing you through AGIS as Mooting and Debating Officer.

My experience with mooting is varied - in my first year, I competed in and won the internal competition at Royal Holloway (my attached photo was taken at the final!) as well as gaining experience through participating in the OUP competition (we were knocked out quite horrifically in the first round...).  I went on to hold the Mooting Officer role within Royal Holloway’s Law Society in my second year, organising moots and training victims for the externals as well as competing personally when time permitted.

My involvement continued into my final year and I assisted with training and judging and generally supporting my successor to deliver a successful programme. Clearly a sucker for pain I have agreed to go back in October to judge some practice moots and share my limited wisdom. I hope that I can bring my experience and passion for mooting and of course debating alongside my desire to represent the interests of others, ensuring that all voices are heard and every person is given the opportunity they deserve. It is no secret that chambers will expect to see certain extracurriculars on pupillage applications when that dreaded time comes this winter and I’d like nothing more than to assist in making sure we can all tick that box - honing our legal and advocacy skills all the while. 

Anyway writing this has made me feel awfully self-centered so please help me alleviate that feeling by voting for me to be your Mooting and Debating Officer!

Joe Broadway   

My name is Joseph Broadway and I would like you to consider me for the position of Mooting and Debating Officer. I believe I would be a valuable addition to the AGIS committee.

In my previous career I was a company director of a large manufacturing company and have 6 years of experience of running company departments and administrating a business. I believe these skills would be extremely useful in helping with the smooth running of the AGIS committee and in organising mooting and debating events.

Since starting my journey to a career in law I have become an avid mooter and have taken every opportunity I could to moot competitively. I won my first ever national competition (the UKELA Environmental Law Moot) and came runner up in my second (the Knowing Our Rights Human Rights Moot).

I also set up and ran the bar society at the University of Law, Bristol, which included organising internal mooting competitions, informing students of upcoming national competitions and providing training and support to students interested in mooting.

The thrill of mooting competitively is incredible and the experience that students gain is invaluable. I want to share my passion for mooting with others and show people that mooting is for everyone and can help you to develop the skills and confidence to succeed as a barrister.

As the Mooting and Debating Officer I would seek to provide the training and support that would give students the confidence to engage in mooting and debating competitively. I would aim to run regular competitions so that students could learn in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Inn. Also, as someone with knowledge of the mooting circuit, I would promote national competitions and provide students with the support they need to succeed.

Thank you for considering me.

Aisha Naeem Photograph of Aisha Naeem

My name is Aisha Naeem and I am a fresh law graduate from TILS Multan which is affiliated with the University of London. TILS Multan had never participated in mooting or mock competitions hence there was neither a team nor a coach. I trained myself and encouraged fellow students to join me for Pakistan National Law Moot 2017. For the first time in history, a moot team from Multan participated in such a competition.

Later onwards, I formed a mooting society which had 3 members in its first month but the numbers escalated so high that within 6 months , the society covered 1/3rd of the law students at TILS.  Not only was I the founder of this society but over the course of 3 years, I was elected President of the mooting society as well as remained a moot coach for the entire university. Within a span of 2 years, I participated in 6 national moot competitions and made TILS Multan, one of the strongest moot team in Pakistan. I have participated 2 times in the Jessup as well as Henry Dunat moot competitions.  I have also arranged and participated in intra-city moot competitions and have attended various moot workshops.

 Not only has this but I had an unbeatable winning streak in debating for over 10 years. I have seen success and I am not oblivious of failures. I had to struggle to reach where I am today and I know no person was born with the talent of mooting therefore I can best relate to the best and the worst mooters. This way I can help understand individual problems and solve them. My experience with event management and organizing mooting competitions makes me an apt candidate for the role of Mooting and Debating officer.

Kirsty Kelly

Photograph of Kirsty Kelly

I am 21-year-old student currently doing the BPTC at City Law. This summer I graduated from Oxford Brookes University where I not only studied Law but also Japanese. I enjoy mooting and have taken part in competitions and workshops that have increased my ability and confidence. At University I was part of the Public Speaking Society and saw how frequent public speaking opportunities can increase someone’s skill level. Therefore, my aim if given the position of Mooting and Debating officer, would be to increase the amount of experience students have in order to improve their skills and confidence.

Gray’s Inn already has several fantastic mooting opportunities within the Inn. These include, the Inn House Mooting competition and the London Mooting League, allowing students from different BPTC providers to compete against one another.

However, there is currently not a Mooting Society within the Inn. Therefore, I would like to create one and organise more events alongside the competitions that are fun and inclusive. Thus, allowing people that have not had much mooting experience to gain some and to ensure that people who want to improve their skills have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Such events would include mooting competitions against the other Inns allowing people to expand their networks in and outside of the Inn. As well as more fun events like; recreations of important historical trials, or a Halloween themed night were people could defend or prosecute their favourite fictional character. I would also like to create more debating opportunities that keep up to date with current issues. For example, a parliamentary style debate discussing issues of your choice.

I am passionate about making a positive contribution to fellow students as well as the Inn and hope the creation of a society and such events will do so.

Amir Shehu

Amir Shehu

I'm Amir. By way of background, most would consider me an avid mooter. In fact, I cannot think of a single year throughout my undergraduate or postgraduate degree where I did not moot. Each year, I have competed in internal and external mooting competitions. I have won mooting competitions, came runners up, reached the semi-final and quarter final, and have even lost in the first round! I have truly been through it all.

Given my mooting experience though, I think we can all agree that it is probably high time I took a back seat from mooting, and there is absolutely no other way that I would love to do that than by being your Mooting and Debating Officer! I do not come without experience, either. As Vice President of the Advocacy Society at the University of Liverpool, I organised a Speed Mooting Competition. As the first of its kind at the university, I handled everything from designing a balanced moot problem to delivering training to mooters and judges.

I am truly a debater - I do not think that all opinions are equally valid. I think that the vast majority of arguments have incompatible core assumptions, and that they must battle it out to see which one is superior. For the inferior argument, well, at least in my opinion, that must be regulated to the intellectual dustbin. Regardless of whether you are full time or part time, a new mooter or an experienced mooter, I will ensure that there are a wide variety of mooting and debating opportunities throughout the year, and ensure that everybody is reasonably able to participate.

Vote for me and I promise to make this year of mooting and debating the most exciting ever - for all students. 
Thank you for your consideration! 

BPTC provider representatives 

  • Representatives, both at the London providers and on Circuit, create and maintain channels of communication between the Inn’s Education Department, the Bar course providers and students

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

City Law School Representative

Bhavjeet Badesha

My name is Bhavjeet Badesha and I have 300 words to persuade you, fellow colleague, why I should be elected the BPTC student representative for City Law School. Firstly let me tell you a few "interesting" facts about myself: I am a SOAS Law graduate and a Cambridge Development Studies postgraduate, and until recently I was a Paralegal Assistant for the CPS. I love cooking, travelling and I'm an avid runner. If you've gotten this far then I guess I have your attention and I'd like to explain to you why I am the ideal candidate for the role. I am genuinely interested in raising your concerns, having your queries answered and taking action that is required for making an effective change. Due to my previous involvement in university societies, I believe I know how to build communication channels between staff and students; also I understand the importance of facilitating an open conversation. We all know that this is one of the most challenging years of our legal studies - questions will arise, and I'd like to be the person you approach for help. I am a friendly, organised and reliable individual. Friends don't lie, so if I've used my words wisely, you'll be voting for someone you trust.

University of Law London 

Elena Johnson Photograph of Elena Johnson

Hi, I’m Elena, and I’m currently studying the BPTC full-time at the University of Law (Bloomsbury Campus). I’d like to represent other ULaw students at Gray’s: the experiences of students at different providers vary so it’s important that they’re all represented.

I have a lot of committee experience, for example I was Mooting Officer and Secretary of my university’s Bar Society, I was the representative for first-generation students for my student body at university, I organised and publicised events which raised over £20,000 for charity in a Charity Committee and I was a Linklaters Law Access Ambassador for my university. These roles all taught me how effective committees can be when they collaborate properly, and also the importance of conveying the views of a smaller group of students to the wider student body.

Thanks for reading my application!

Rawlings Ujah

My name is Rawlings Ujah. After completing my law degree (and achieving a first class honours), I decided to further my ambition of becoming a barrister by studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London). Having started the BPTC this week (on 9/09/19), I can honestly say that so far, I am thoroughly enjoying it.   

The position which I put myself forward for is ‘BPTC Representative’ for The University of Law (London). Considering that The Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS) intends to champion the rights of the student members of Gray’s Inn, I want to get involved to make sure that the voices of Gray’s Inn student members who are studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London) are heard. Moreover, I want to get involved to make sure that all issues, concerns or opinions of all Gray’s Inn student members studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London) are raised accordingly, and hopefully dealt with appropriately. Furthermore, I want to get involved to ensure that effective channels of communications are created and maintained between staff and student members of Grays’s Inn who are studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London). Lastly, I want to get involved because I want to ensure that student members of Gray’s Inn who are studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London) are kept well informed and up to date about any relevant events which takes place at Gray’s Inn (such as Qualifying Sessions), as well as how they can attend/get involved in such events. In a nutshell, I want to get involved to help champion the rights of all student members of Gray’s Inn who are studying the BPTC at The University of Law (London). 

Naina Devi

Photogrpah of Naina Devi

My name is Naina Devi and I am studying the Bar Professional training course at university of law. I have a strong desire to become a representative on behalf of the university of law for AGIS to raise my voice for the students. I believe this will give me an insight into the grays inn life and how events are managed and arranged. Coming from a diverse background, I think I can bring a lot to the table such as supporting students throughout their time at the grays, ensuring their concerns are catered for and working closely with the committee. This will help me gain more confidence and experience by working with other members of the grays inn. From my previous experiences of mini-pupillages, pro bono and charity experiences I have gained a lot of knowledge and dealt with several situations with a very positive attitude. Secondly, from my previous experiences as an Executive of the Pakistan society at the University of Buckingham, I have managed and organized various events on behalf of society for all the fellow students. Thus, I can easily interact with the students and grays inn members and put forward their opinion at the committee meeting. I am convinced my personal and professional background would add immeasurably to the organization’s diversity. Furthermore, I believe I have abilities to consider and advise on the development of new policies and best practice. I am aware of the struggles and obstacles students face when they first being their studies due to which I have a deep desire to help every individual and be their voice. It would be a great honor to serve as your representative this coming term. To do this, however, I need your support I encourage you to vote for me.

BPP London Representative

Hajar Sayed- Hossen

Photograph of Hajar Sayed-Hossen

My name is Hajar Sayed-Hossen and I am a newly registered Mauritian student of the BPTC at BPP Law School. I completed my LLB with French Law at the University of Kent, Canterbury in 2018, having spent one of those years in Bordeaux, France. I chose to stay another year in Canterbury, whereby I enrolled for an LLM in Commercial Law with Intellectual Property. During my years at the University, I tried to balance studies and activities, and presided over the Mauritian Society for the duration of my undergraduate studies. I have learned about leadership and the importance of mutual understanding and cooperation within a committee. I have also been an active member of the Kent Law Clinic, whereby I have been working alongside solicitors. This has required of me to register in much information and remain attentive to details, namely during client meetings. I practiced football as a hobby since high school and have recently taken to powerlifting. This has implied working on a disciplined lifestyle, a discipline which I intend to put into practice as a committee member of the AGIS as I further such skills as multi-tasking and strategic planning. I am determined to work towards the smooth running of activities and events throughout the year, to set aside the time required to ensure good communication and sharing of information between the Committee and various departments. I shall remain attentive to the requests and pleadings of members, trying to avoid any disparities, making sure to point out any matter of concern which might erupt over time. Being from a multicultural community, promoting diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities will be a key priority. I am aware of the importance of duties involved in joining the AGIS committee and commit to being fully efficient.

Philip Roath

Philip James Roath started his career in the Motor trade, progressing through the ranks and into the Motor Engineering arm of Insurance. With a total of over 20 years combined experience and a successful career in Industry, he led Education nationally as a pro-bono project for the IAEA in 2018, overseeing the introduction of a new salvage exam which qualifies Motor Engineers to categorise Motor salvage.

He is currently working for Axa Insurance as a full time Motor Engineer and Expert witness specialising in Diminution in value cases. He graduated with a first in Law with two consecutive awards from the University Governors as well as the Local Law society. He is now committed to combining his skills at the cutting edge of each industry as well as academia to culminate in a career at the Bar on completion of the BPTC.

Nottingham Law School Representative

Hannah Weatherill

PPhotograph of hannah weatherill

Originally from the South West, I have been living in the East Midlands since 2011 and so I am relatively local to Nottingham. I have two top-class degrees in Law at undergraduate and postgraduate level and have been a student representative for the Law programmes at both institutions. I have significant experience with representation at varying levels. During my undergraduate degree I received two awards for my work, one from the Students’ Union and the other from the School of Law. I have also worked full time in the Prison Service, representing my department and institution across various meetings, and for the University of Nottingham, liaising closely with academics to improve processes, answer questions and raise concerns. I have learnt that reasonableness, openness, patience and clarity are key to maintaining effective lines of communication between all types of people.

By being a BPTC Representative for Nottingham Law School, I would like to be able to continue my work supporting and enhancing the student experience. The BPTC is going to be challenging for all of us and I can utilise my experience and skills to help this year run as smoothly as possible. Effective communication with and between students, Gray’s Inn, academics and the Association of Gray’s Inn Students will be an essential part of the role and I have demonstrated that I am experienced at maintaining lines of communication. 

I hope to ensure that all students have a clear idea of the qualifying sessions that they can attend and disseminate any information from Gray’s Inn to the cohort as quickly as possible. In addition, I will be available for students who wish to raise concerns or suggestions to either Nottingham Law School or Gray’s Inn and endeavour to find out information that students believe to be absent. 

Tabitha Daniels

My name is Tabitha Daniels and I would appreciate being considered as the Gray’s Inn representative for Nottingham Trent University.

I was home educated and achieved a First Class Honours LLB degree from the Open University at the age of nineteen. I understand the importance of creating your own opportunities and I am an advocate of both personal and professional development. My own hobbies include piano, dance, yoga, acting and cycling.

I believe that the role as Nottingham Trent University Representative primarily consists of creating and upholding a high standard of communication between the students, Benchers of Gray’s Inn and Nottingham Trent University. Everyone should feel able to be heard and listened to. This should happen in a timely fashion and you should see results. 

Gray’s Inn is such a supportive and professional Inn and I aim to fully utilise their expertise to help us get the most we can out of the BPTC and continue our professional development. If you choose to vote for me, I am sure that my passion for listening will be paramount in presenting your new ideas, recommendations and constructive criticisms to AGIS in the future. 

I don’t pretend to have all the answers or be the ‘best person’ for the role but I am willing to fight for you and make Nottingham Trent’s voice heard at Gray’s Inn. Not aggressively, but surely and certainly. 

If you vote for me as your representative, I will endeavour to serve you to the best of my ability and facilitate strong links between the University and Gray’s Inn. I want to be involved as your representative because I genuinely care about people. I care about you and your dreams, your goals and your aspirations.

Let’s make AGIS even better than it already is, and let’s do it together.

Manchester Metropolitan University Representative 

Rae-Kahlile Powell Photograph of RaeKahlile Powell

My name is Rae-Kahlile Powell and I am an international student from Trinidad and Tobago. I graduated from the University of Manchester this July with my LLB and I fell in love with Manchester so much so that Manchester Metropolitan University was my sure choice for pursuing the Bar. My legal interests are immigration and asylum law and outside of the law I enjoy travelling and soca music.

Leadership, Initiative and a chatty-nature are some of the many characteristics that are innate. I find myself being the first person to introduce myself in a room and have the ability to break the ice when meeting a group of new people already having organised the next group meet-up. I have experience in social media and communication previously occupying the position of Vice President of the African Caribbean Society where I was responsible for liaising directly with the media officer, communicating with society members and organising events. As the Association of Gray’s Inn student representative for MMU I aim to keep students aware of upcoming qualifying sessions and other inn events making it easier to ‘mind the gap’ created by the distance between London and Manchester.

Aderonke Apata

Photograph of Aderonke Apata

Aderonke Apata is a Human Rights Activist, Feminist and LGBT Equality Advocate who has a BSc in Microbiology, a Master of Public Health, a Postgraduate Degree in Law and currently studying Bar Professional Training Course and Master of Laws. She's a campaigner for LGBTI people seeking asylum to stay in the UK; whom herself got granted asylum after 13-year battle. She is Winner, Activist of the Year, Sexual Freedom Awards 2018, Winner, Ron Todd Foundation Equality Awards 2018, added to the Amnesty International UK's 'Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain' 2018, Winner Attitude Pride Awards 2017,  Winner Positive Role Model for LGBT National Diversity Award 2014, where she was described as “an unstoppable force in fighting for justice”, she is number 41 & 67 on the RanbowList2014 & RainbowList2015 respectively as one of the most influential LGBT people in the UK. Aderonke was named LGBT Heroine of the year 2015 by DIVA Magazine in recognition of her achievements in the LGBT community. Aderonke is the founder of Manchester Migrant Solidarity and African Rainbow Family, an LGBT group that supports LGBTIQ people seeking asylum in UK and campaigning for the Repeal of the toxic Nigerian Anti-LGBTIQ Law.

If voted as a BPTC Representative from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), I will be committed to being a conduit between Gray's Inn, the students and the University whilst working alongside other elected officers to ensure that any issues that may arise such as clashes in events at the Inn and class time tables are amicably resolved in such a manner that students' attendance on the BPTC at the University is not adversely affected. Disseminate information across all stakeholders in a manner that is efficient, timely and effective. I will raise the profile of Gray's Inn, MMU and ensure concerns from fellow students are on top of agenda at both institutions. With a wide range of leadership, management, interpersonal and team work skills, I will work tirelessly with everybody and serve the student to achieve a greater vision and together, we will do so much.

Sara Zaib

Photograph of Sara Zaib

My name is Sara Zaib and I am currently studying the BPTC at Manchester Metropolitan University. I would like to stand as a candidate for the position of a BPTC Representative for Manchester Metropolitan University. I would very much like to get involved with The Association of Gray’s Inn Students because I understand how vital it is for students to have access to a platform where they will actively be listened to and can with confidence communicate their views and issues with the assurance that will be heard. I understand the requirements of this role and strongly believe I can fulfil them. Having volunteered with the Student Union during my undergraduate degree, I have gained invaluable experience, which I believe will enhance my ability to efficiently create and maintain sufficient communication between the BPTC students at Manchester Metropolitan University and Gray’s Inn. Moreover my involvement with the Student Union allowed me to interact with students from a range of different backgrounds, which further amplified my interpersonal skills that are essential to promote a channel of communication amongst the BPTC students and Gray’s Inn for any matters regarding social, cultural and intellectual purposes. I understand the importance of co-operation between the students and the Gray’s Inn and I will insure to promote the best interests of the student members of Gray’s Inn at Manchester Metropolitan University.

BPP Manchester Representative

Lindsey Claire Hogg

Photograph of Lindsey Claire Hogg

I am a full time BPTC student at BPP Manchester, as well as a 4th year PhD student at Lancaster University.  My research focuses on living minors as tissue donors in England and Wales, and Scotland.  I undertook my LLB at University of Manchester, and completed my LLM at University of Liverpool.  During the last three years I have taught English Legal Systems to undergraduates at Lancaster University.  I am the recipient of the Uthwatt Scholarship from Gray’s Inn. 

Communication is key to being a successful intermediary between my colleagues and staff at BPP Manchester, and Gray’s Inn.  I have developed my communication skills when providing support to my students whilst teaching undergraduates at Lancaster University.  I had to liaise with my teaching colleagues as well as between students and the module convenor to provide students with support.  This support took various forms, for instance students who needed help with extensions on their assessments for personal circumstances required me to liaise with the module convenor to provide evidence as well as to facilitate support.  It involved me working between groups to try to resolve issues and provide a solution that was beneficial to both sides.  During the BPTC it is important we have a good experience at our provider, if I am selected as the representative, it will allow me provide a support network by communicating any concerns of my colleagues with Gray’s Inn, and subsequently try to resolve them.  In addition, this role will enable me to meet people at other providers as well as in Gray’s Inn wider community.  As I am a student on circuit, this is a great opportunity to allow myself and enable my four colleagues at BPP Manchester to become more involved with Gray’s Inn.    

Alex Graham

Here's my statement- I want to stand to be the BPP Manchester representative for AGIS because I believe that I would be good at representing students at BPP Manchester in the role. I have previous experience as a work place representative and was able to keep my fellow workers up to date with what was going on at the work place and raise their concerns and grievances with management. I will use this experience to make sure that the voices of BPP Manchester's Gray's Inn students are heard by the committee and the inn. I also have experience of organising events and would work closely with the reps from the other inns to make sure that a qualifying session was organised in Manchester so that students on the circuit can save some money by not having to go down to London. I hope you will be able to support me for this role.

University of Law - Birmingham Representative

Teresa Simms

Photograph of Teresa Simms

I hope to be your representative in these new and challenging times, taking a practical yet ambitious approach, with the aim to encourage all members to feel a part of what is on offer and what is happening.

As a proud member of Grays Inn, I believe I can give the supportive nature for our community which this Inn expects, partly due to my broad working experiences so far and partly through comments about my personality and approach from employers.  I would like to make Qualifying Sessions in The Midlands as informative, helpful and painless as possible, as well as providing opportunities for us to network. 

I know the challenges met so far and understand time priorities. I welcome your input, including how I can make these sessions as convenient and interesting as possible for you.  I have previously been an active member of the Bar Committee, plus Bright Futures and Amnesty International, so I have experience planning and organising events. 

Off duty, I am interested in dogs and have two huskies, Ada and Cassius, so walking is a duty as well as a pleasure!  I love sailing and used to teach the younger members of our club until I went to Uni.  I used to enjoy horse riding, I now try to find time to swim as much as possible as I find it relaxing. When studying I enjoy debating as a member of a local club, and am very interested in criminal and family law. I enjoy travelling, have a sense of adventure, and will have a go at most sports.

As part of the future, we must be looking and thinking about how we evolve, keeping traditions but making them too and I would like our region to be part of that happening. 

When I take something on, I am always committed, so please vote for me and then we will work together to move forward and make sure the things that are important to you are achieved.

BPP Birmingham Representative

Sarah Turner

I studied my Law degree at the University of Leeds  and then stayed on for another year to do my Masters in Security and Justice due to my interest in Human Rights and their interaction with State Power.

I moved to Birmingham towards the end of 2017 to take a job as a Clerk at Birmingham Crown Court. Working as a Court Clerk helped me to develop my communication skills in a professional setting as I constantly liaised between the Judge, members of Counsel, and the listing department to ensure the smooth running of Court - as well as overcoming the various problems of the day such as defendants failing to be produced, counsel being cross-courted, or there not being enough time in the Court day to hear all cases. I believe these skills will all assist me in acting as a point of communication between us students, our Inn and BPP Birmingham and in addressing any problems we may have. I’m quite a social person and my time in Birmingham so far means that more I’m willing to act as a tour guide or organise just some general social events for us and other students throughout the year.

My time as a Clerk also gave me an invaluable insight into the legal system, particularly the criminal element, and allowed me to build close connections within the local Criminal Bar. I chose to study at BPP Birmingham due to their high standards of teaching along with its delivery through smaller groups, and so I could maintain the relationships I’ve made in Birmingham so far.  I believe my links to the local Bar would be beneficial for organising events in Birmingham and could allow us as a whole to obtain more involvement from local Chambers and members of Counsel to increase our opportunities for networking.

Northumbria Representative

Sehrish Akbar

Photograph of Sehrish Akbar

My name is Sehrish Akbar. I am a 22 year old law student now starting Year 3 BPTC at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle upon Tyne. I was previously on the LLB route only and have now enrolled for this academic year on to the BPTC route which is my passion. I am a hard-working, confident and reliable individual, always striving to give 100% to all opportunities presented to me. I would like to say I am a very approachable person and hence I would like to put myself forward for the below role.

I would like to nominate myself for the BPTC Representative, which is one from each BPTC Provider. I currently stand as a student representative at my University which enables me to communicate information from students to staff and vice versa. One of the duties of a BPTC Representative is ‘bringing an individual students queries to a committee meeting’.
 Due to the skills and knowledge I have gained from my current committee experience, I believe I have the aptitude and passion necessary for this role; and given the opportunity I would like to showcase my abilities.

I am eager to share the skills I have developed from previous experiences and am always keen to learn and develop from others by being open minded and looking at alternative ways of completing tasks.

Being based in Newcastle, I am confident I can do this role justice. I am excited to put forward new ideas and communicate them across to other effectively to ensure that they will be heard. I would love for you to vote for me and give me the opportunity to help myself and others get our opinions put forward and heard.

Laura Callaghan

Photograph of Laura Callaghan

My name is Laura Callaghan and I am a First Class law graduate and BPTC student from Northumbria University. I live in the North East with my three dogs and I hope to practice here one day too. 

I would love to be the student representative for Gray’s Inn at Northumbria University because for circuit students, the Inns can sometimes feel far away and inaccessible, especially in the Northernmost BPTC provider where London seems a million miles away, but I think I could help to change that.

I believe that I could be a friendly and approachable representative of Gray’s Inn and the support it provides at Northumbria. I believe I could help to create strong, positive lines of communication between the two using the strong links I have with students and staff here at Northumbria. During my undergraduate degree I was the treasurer of the Legal History society and Head of Year for MARS mooting society, both of which involved organising and hosting events, leading talks, workshops and liaising with members and the student’s union. It also means that I have met most students at one time or another and have been an approachable friendly face on behalf of those societies.

BPP Leeds Representative

Kelly Gallagher

Photograph of Kelly Gallagher

My name is Kelly Grace Gallagher, I am a BPTC student at BPP University Law School Leeds. I completed my undergraduate law degree at the University of Chester, achieving a 2:1. I am particularly interested in personal injury and medical negligence and hope to practise in this area. I have completed numerous mini pupillage’s and worked within Chester’s Family and Civil Justice Court. 

During my academic life I have taken on multiple roles of responsibility including, running a society at university, being a school ambassador for my sixth form and being a school council member over a period of three years in secondary school. These past roles have allowed me to gain experience in effectively communicating my fellow students’ concerns and successfully working with the authoritative body to rectify these. I am applying for the position of BPTC provider representative for BPP University Law School Leeds for the Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS). My main reason for wanting to be involved in the AGIS is to improve student experience, in particular for those students who are studying in Leeds. Understandably those who live and study outside of London sometimes feel they do not have the opportunity to voice their opinions. I want to change this outlook and provide a clear channel of communication between BPP Leeds students and the AGIS. Overall, I aim to provide students with the best possible opportunity for success by working closely with the AGIS and striving to gain opportunities for the students of BBP Leeds.

Luara Locateli Photograph of Luara Locatelli

I’m Luara Locateli, I want to pursue a career at the Bar as I find it an endlessly interesting profession, very dynamic.

I am keen to get involved in The Association of Gray’s Inn Students as a BPP Law School Leeds representative.

I have a strong desire and commitment to succeed at the Bar. I want to make the bridge between Gray’s Inn and us at BPP Leeds and makes us feel as involved and engaged with the Inn as those studying in London.

During my time at Leeds Law School I was elected President of the Junior Barristers’ Society and Vice President of the Law Society, liaising students and the university, organising events and trips with the ultimate goal of improving the student experience. As the representative of BPP Law School Leeds I will bring my skills, knowledge and commitment to the Committee.

Alexandra Stasiuk 

I am currently undertaking the BPTC at BPP University in Leeds. I am originally from the Cayman Islands where I completed the first two years of my degree at the Truman Bodden Law School serving as Student-body Vice President and Editor of the Student Law Gazette. I completed the final year of my degree at the University of Liverpool. I am the 2018 and 2019 recipient of the Walkers Legal Scholarship and intend to be called to the Bar in the Cayman Islands before returning to England in order to establish a practice.

I thoroughly enjoy being organized and staying involved which is why I believe I would be a valued member of the AGIS. I appreciate the opportunity to join the AGIS as the BPP Leeds Representative.

University of Law - Leeds

Ebony McPhee  Photograph of Ebony Mcphee

While at the University of Cumbria, I maintained an active role in our Student Law Society. This allowed me to network with other students who wanted to voice their opinions about matters that were important to them.  I was able to organise events including law conferences and an annual Law ball to facilitate communication between Students.  I am passionate and committed to maintaining good communication between Student members and Gray’s inn to keep members updated and ensure that events are held at the most convenient times for our Students so that they get the best out of their membership.

I would be honoured if I was chosen to represent Leeds BPTC Students and would aim to serve you all well.  

Emma Shiels

Photograph of Emma Shiels

I am currently a full time BPTC LLM student at the University of Law Leeds. For the past 3  years I have been the Law LLB Course Representative as well as the Law School Representative of Nottingham Trent University. I attended course committee meetings, school forums, SASQ and ASQ meetings on behalf of my cohort and voiced their opinions, queries and suggested changes. I was involved in the implementing of course changes, including the changing of assessment methods for our Tort Law, Public Law and EU Law modules after many students having issues with the examination process of these modules. In addition to my roles as course and school representatives, I have previously been on the committee for the LEX Law Society and the University’s Trampolining Club. During my role with LEX Law I arranged numerous mooting competitions for undergraduate and postgraduate students, helped with the implementation of changes to the societies constitution and attended Students Union meetings. I was also the chairperson of both the house and school council back in Secondary school and again helped voice the opinions of my fellow students.

Holly Girven

I completed my law degree at the University of Warwick this summer and throughout my time there I actively represented students. For example, I was chosen as the First Year Representative of the Bar Society which provided me with experience of making my cohorts views heard. Following that, I was elected as the President of the Bar Society allowing me to organise a variety of events and be a point of contact between the Law School and students.

I attended the NUS Disabled Students Conference on behalf of my Students Union and so have experience of relaying my peers’ views and queries to a larger organisation.

I was the campus representative for the University of Law in my final year and so have experience of promoting events to my fellow students.

There are two main things I would aim to do if I were elected.

Firstly, I would aim to organise events and socials for Gray’s Inn students on the circuit, particularly in Leeds. This would allow students from different institutions to get to know each other better but also provide invaluable networking opportunities.

Secondly, I would help ensure that students at the University of Law, Leeds felt confident that their opinions and questions were being heard by the Inn and AGIS by being approachable and relaying any message to AGIS in a prompt manner.

Overall, I would love the chance to represent students at the University of Law, Leeds on the AGIS committee as I think it is really important that students on the Circuits have access to the same Inn experience as those based in London and believe I have the skills and experience to help facilitate that.


Arith Seneviratne

Photograph of Arith Seneviratne

My name is K. Arith Dalindra Seneviratne I am originally from Sri Lanka and lived in a small town in Kandana. When I was in School that was Lyceum International School- Wattala, I attended several clubs such as debating and MUN (Model United Nations). During my time in School I also served as a senior perfect from 2013 to 2014 which gave me the ability to help other students and by giving a helping hand to others in need. It also prepared me for leadership roles.   These activities during my school life has encouraged me to pursue the legal profession to help fight for justice and to do what right. After I finished university, I interned with two companies first one was at John Wilson partners which is a law firm that specializes in Intellectual Property Law and other commercial purposes, the second one was at Airtel Lanka where I interned in the Legal and Regulatory Department that handles all of the legal operations within Airtel Lanka. These experiences have helped to shape me to who I am now.

The Reason why I am applying for the BPTC Provider Representative is to put my experiences that I have learnt to practice and help to represent the students of my University/BPTC Provider. Another reason is to help arrange proper communication and time schedules so that it does not clash with the times of lectures hence providing a stress-free environment for students to focus both on their studies and to attend qualifying sessions in peace. These are the main reasons why I am putting my name for this position and promise to dedicate my time to help create a good experience for all students attending at my BPTC provider/University. 

Phil Sayce Photograph of Phil Sayce

Starting the part time BPTC at UWE is both a daunting and exciting time, and as a mature student with a full-time job it promises to be a busy time also! Starting yet another demanding and hopefully enjoyable course for yet another time I obviously must like being a student. I know wondering whether this is really true or whether I like the idea the idea of being a student – have you seen how thick the pre-reading book is? I’ve seen the size of the tomes we are about to be handed and have traded the case in for a flatbed lorry!

Having attended some of the events at the inn during my GDL I was pleasantly surprised by the open, friendly and genuine interest shown by other students, barrister members and officers; the sense of occasion, purpose and fun while being aware of that we as a group were being socialised into an institution that holds high standards for and of its students , having the interests of their student members at its heart.  It is for this reason that I am standing for the for the BPTC rep at UWE so order that we, as students of the inn are engaged, heard and able to contribute to, benefit from and enjoy the journey with all the inn has to offer.

Sharyade Dookhee

Photograph of Sharyade Dookhee

I would like to express my official interest in applying for the post of UWE representative for AGIS. 

I read law at University of London and graduated in the year 2017. After my graduation, I joined the office of Tawheen Choomka, a barrister at the Mauritian Bar for a three months internship where I was involved in the preparation of Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing training to management companies in my country. 

The reason why I want to be involved is because I want to enhance my skills especially in terms of communication, working with others and supporting all other student members at UWE. I want to make a difference and benefit from the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment by helping all the other fellow students. 

I hope you do consider my submission successfully.


Deyvinah Ganesalingam Photograph of Deyvinah Ganesalingham

I would like to apply to the Cardiff representative position. I feel that this would give me the opportunity to be more involved with the Inn seeing as I would not be able to attend as many events as the members from London. Since I am an international student from Malaysia, I would be able to learn the different ways of how administration is run in the United Kingdom. This is only my second year in the UK and I have grown so much as a person mentally and emotionally throughout this past one year since I’m away from my family in my home country. This post would instil responsibility in me as I would have to balance between studying for the BPTC and Masters as well as my obligation to the Inn.  My time management as well as my leadership skills would be greatly improved if I were to be the Cardiff Representative. It would also be a really great platform to communicate with other members of the Inn of different ages, cultures and background. Therefore, I would be learning a lot from each and every one of them. Therefore, I sincerely hope to be considered for this post as being a member of this Inn itself was of great importance to me.

Christine du Plooy

Photograph of Christine du Plooy

I had a bit of an unconventional childhood. I did my primary schooling in Zambia, my secondary schooling in South Africa and my tertiary education in the UK. This instilled an early love for meeting new people, learning about different cultures and giving back to my community. I would be honoured to be the student representative for the Cardiff BPTC Provider. As a scholarship recipient this role would be a deeply rewarding opportunity to give back to Gray’s Inn as well as enhance the student experience of those currently on their BPTC journey. 

 I completed my Bachelor of Laws at Cardiff University and graduated with a First Class Honours. As I am already familiar with both the university environment and the law staff I could establish and maintain channels of communication between the university, the students and the Inn fairly straightforwardly.

Throughout my tertiary education I have taken part in mooting competitions and been a team leader for the Innocence Project. This has allowed me to cultivate my communication skills and taught me how to provide direction and support to my fellow students. I was also a committee member of the Cardiff Debating Society where I had to attend regular meetings and help organise competitions. This has provided me with an insight into the demands and responsibilities of being on a committee. I understand that there are a lot of logistics involved in hosting and running events and through this experience I have honed my management, organisational and conflict-resolution skills. I believe these attributes would stand me in good stead if I were to be elected as the student representative for the Cardiff BPTC Provider. 

GDL Officer 

  • The GDL officer will promote the interests of GDL members to the committee

Candidate Statements for 2019-20

Rachel Carver

Photograph of Rachel carver

I would love to be given the opportunity to represent and improve the experience of GDL students as a member of the AGIS. I have just started at City Law School, having spent my gap year, after studying history at Oxford, working as a professional harpist and manning the tills at M&S. Along with music, my other passion is sport and I have spent far too much time running in circles around a track, training for the 400m sprint. I have plenty of experience of representing students, sitting on committees, and organising events. As head of year at school, I arranged the first ever upper sixth social and liaised with staff to ensure that the needs of pupils were met. Similarly, at university, I was involved in planning sports squad dinners and organising concerts such as my college’s annual ‘Christmas cheer and chamber music’ evening. I am approachable, a good listener and organised.  As GDL officer, I would be passionate about using my position to promote the interests of students. I think it is critical that Gray’s Inn provides the support and advice necessary as we navigate the challenges of balancing academic work, aiming towards a career at the Bar, pursuing extra-curricular activities and maintaining a decent social life. I want to ensure that those taking the GDL, as well as the BPTC, feel included and valued, know how to utilise the available resources and have opportunities to meet and network. We may not be having a general election in the imminent future so make the most of this opportunity to vote and support me to get the most out of Gray’s Inn!

Katherine Boucher

Photograph of Katherine Boucher

As GDL Officer on the AGIS I will work to represent the unique concerns of GDL students.

The GDL can be a stressful year with pupillage deadlines fast approaching. I will work with the Inn to support GDL students who often have to squeeze in mooting, minis and other work into a short time scale. I will keep working with the Inn to widen access and participation at every level – something which the GDL route to the bar is particularly important for.
Most of all, I will support your ideas and address your concerns. As the elected president of my college’s student union I have lots of experience of standing up for students’ interests when it matters. I will be committed to doing so for all GDL students this year.

Dheemanth Vangimalla

Photograph of Dheemanth Vangimalla

I was brought up in Dubai, which is where I completed my schooling. Since moving to the UK, I have attained a BMedSci in Molecular Therapeutic from Queen Mary University of London, and an MBBS Medicine from the University of East Anglia (UEA). I have been a member of both university’s staff-student liaison committees and have been the social secretary for UEA’s Quidditch committee for a year. I have worked as a junior doctor at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH). I have been the deputy chair of the Junior Doctor Forum (Contract) Committee, a Research Ethics Committee Member, and a Medical Ethics Seminar Facilitator for Norwich Medical School. My hobbies include boxing, underwater hockey and terrarium planting. I have been described as cut-throat at boardgames.

I currently live in Norwich. I have taken up an academic post at NNUH, where I am, in conjunction with the legal services department, doing several research projects related to claims, inquests and advanced directives. I am currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at BPP University part-time. I am about to commence my second year. I intend to pursue a career at the Bar. My interests are in employment law, public law, and professional negligence.

My academic post will allow me plenty of time to focus on both my GDL studies and if elected, my duties as a GDL officer. Additionally, I firmly believe that I am well placed to be an advocate for GDL students, given that I am in my second year of studies. I have, therefore had time to form important connections within the GDL community and understand what is conducive to a productive and enjoyable GDL experience.

Natalie Nguyen

Photogrpah of Natalie nguyen

Hi – I’m Natalie. I’m starting the GDL at City this year, having just completed my MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and, before that, my BA in Ancient and Modern History. I would really love the opportunity to represent fellow students on the GDL and would be excited to get involved in the student community of Gray’s Inn through AGIS! If elected, I intend to promote GDL students’ interests effectively by being in regular contact with other GDL students through (marginally humorous and self-deprecating) emails and being receptive to their feedback and suggestions, which might be of use to future applicants and incoming students. I would also be keen to assist AGIS committee members in the organisation of social and other events.

Previously, I have acted as the student representative for both my undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, as well as being active on several student committees (such as being Junior Common Room President of Merton College 2016-17 and Secretary of the Oxford Bar Society in 2017). I also love organising events – whether it’s surprise birthdays for friends, assisting my undergraduate college in arranging alumni events,
or acting as social secretary for my Master’s course.

I look forward to meeting you this coming year!

Chris Meiring

Photograph of Chris Meiring

I have come to the GDL from a background in medicine and strategy consulting, and am hoping to join a chambers where I can build a practice in medical law. The prospect of Pupillage applications in just a few months’ time can sometimes feel daunting, but I am delighted to have joined Gray’s Inn, and look forward to making the most of the numerous opportunities to develop my skills and enhance my application, alongside other like-minded students. I am looking forward to meeting fellow GDL students, BPTC students, pupils and practising barristers, and am keen to help foster a culture of mutual encouragement and support.

Having been a student for longer than most (!), I have gained a great deal of experience on student committees, honed my organisational skills, and learned how to use these positions to help fellow students make the most out of the opportunities available. 

I would be hoping to use the position of GDL Officer to maximise what AGIS and the Inn can offer to GDL students. Since deciding to become a barrister, I have very much enjoyed mooting and am keen to make sure that other GDL students at Gray’s Inn have as much opportunity as possible to get mooting early in a relaxed and supportive environment. With Pupillage applications approaching, I would be looking to encourage those on the BPTC who have secured pupillage to share their insights and advice with GDL students, as well as reaching out to those from the Inn recently offered tenancy to profile the work of their Chambers. I would also aim to bring together GDL students in some early social events to get to know each other, and then help to arrange social events for student members, pupils and junior barristers to meet each other.

Nicholas Leah

Photograph of Nicholas Leah

Hello AGIS members, I’m Nick and I’ll be studying the GDL at City this year. I’ve previously enjoyed five years of history at UCL and Lincoln College, Oxford. 

I’m keen to get involved with the Gray’s community and use my experience to represent the needs of new members. During my university years I’ve served on numerous committees, from the Student-Staff Consultative Committee at UCL to the Oxford History Graduate Network. I’ve always taken great pride in representing my peers and championing their interests. 

I also have experience managing student societies. In 2015 I co-founded the University of London Law Society along with a coursemate and fellow aspiring barrister (sadly at Lincoln’s Inn). As President, I organised networking events, mooting competitions, and pro bono activities, as well as forums at the Houses of Parliament on human rights and Brexit with keynote speaker Sir Keir Starmer QC MP. UoL Law Society is now the largest law society in the country with over 1,500 members (you can join on the website - it’s completely free!). 

More recently, I served as the Secretary of the Oxford Union, becoming the first graduate to hold the role in many years. I worked hard to promote the interests of graduates by organising speaker masterclasses and graduate-led symposia. I also helped to establish the Oxford Political Review, a student publication on current affairs, and I currently serve as the Managing Editor (please get in touch if you would like to write for us). 

I would be honoured to serve as your GDL Officer. If elected, I would prioritise facilitating the social experience of Inn members and supporting the organisation of mooting competitions and career-related events for GDL students. This year I’m living at Goodenough College down Gray’s Inn Road: so I’ll always be nearby. 

Lauren Maires

Photograph of Lauren Maires

I am a Chemistry graduate with a Masters degree from the University of St Andrews. My interests span from cooking and painting to martial arts and climbing. 

During my time at university I was on multiple committees. Including those for Mixed Martial Arts, the charities campaign and the student newspaper (The Saint). I even played a large part in organising a ball for 2000 students during my second year - it was a massive success and raised over £30,000 for charity. I have always engaged with the wider community in as many ways as possible so that I can continually strive to improve the world around me and my peers.

I have experience with being a line of communication between an organisation and the public. Interpersonal skills are a strong suit of mine, and I have shown myself to be a good advocate when the occasion arises. Being an ambassador for the University, I have a lot of practice with dealing with issues and solving them without hesitation. I believe there is never a problem too big or too small. As your GDL Officer, I will make sure that everyone I represent is listened to.

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