AGIS Committee

The Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS) represents the student members of Gray’s Inn. 

AGIS will champion your rights, liaise with both the Inn and your Bar Course provider and arrange social activities throughout the year.

Elections 2020-21

Every year new members of AGIS are elected by you, for you.

The election results are in! Your elected representatives can be found below.

AGIS Committee 

  • President  
    Nicholas Leah 
  • Vice-President 
    Fatima Ismail
  • Treasurer 
    Ramshah Ramzan Chaudhry
  • Social Secretary 
    Grace Atkinson 
  • Publicity Officer 
    Nia Marshall 
  • Student Law Journal Editor 
    Dr Peter Mitchell 
  • Mooting and Debating Officer 
    Dheemanth Vangimalla
  • Bar Course Provider Representatives
    BBP London University, Feleena Grosvenor 
    BBP Bristol University, Sebastian Bates 
    The University of Law, London, Roseanna Cawthray Stern
    The University of Law, Leeds, Maryam Nikdel Mazinan
    Nottingham Law School, Bridget Omeyi Ogboji
    BPP Birmingham Representative, Emily Keates 
    BPP Leeds Representative, Kirthika Padmanapan
    BPP Manchester Representative, Bethany Pitt  
    Cardiff Law School, Harry Dickens  
    University of Law Nottingham, Mareen Mahmood
    City Law School, Ramshah Ramzan Chaudhry
    Manchester Metropolitan University, James Haslam
    Northumbria University, Lucy Todd
    University of the West of England, Bristol, Philip Sayce 
    The University of Law, Birmingham, Kyle Stubbs
    Inns of Court College of Advocacy, Beatrice Baskett
    The University of Law, Manchester, Katie Goldstraw 
  • GDL Officer 
    Rebecca Malczewski 


  • The President has ultimate responsibility for the Committee's activities and events and represents the Committee by attending the Inn’s Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The President is the chief liaison between the Committee and the Education Department

Nicholas Leah Nicholas Leah

As a Gray’s resident this year, I want to use my proximity to the Inn to support our diverse student community all over the world. While COVID-19 presents challenges to us all, I have a plan to facilitate your social experience (until safe to meet in person), to ensure your voices are heard, and to represent you at all times.  

Before that, a little about myself. I am doing the Bar Course at City, having previously studied the GDL and History at UCL and Oxford. Over seven (long) years as a student, I have held various leadership roles: I co-founded the University of London Law Society and Oxford Political Review; served as Secretary of the Oxford Union, and advised Rory Stewart’s independent mayoral campaign. Membership of Gray’s has afforded me incredible opportunities, from representing the Inn at the Vis Moot, to coaching debating at Brixton prison. Now I want to use my experience to help you make the most out of your membership. 


• I will co-ordinate an exciting calendar of online socials, including quizzes, games, and a law-themed ‘Murder Mystery Evening’.  

• I will also ensure that ample online advocacy/mooting (and feedback) is made available, regardless of your previous experience. 


• I will send a fortnightly AGIS email newsletter to update you about important Inn-specific careers, mooting, and pro bono opportunities. 

• The newsletter will include a form where you can anonymously make suggestions or raise concerns. 

• I will also implement a weekly ‘Support Hour’ over Zoom where you can update me directly about your concerns. 


• I will lobby tirelessly on your behalf, not only in discussion with the Bar Standards Board over online exams, but also with the Education Department over online qualifying sessions. 

Gray’s is OUR professional home, and I would be honoured to serve as your President. 


  • The Vice President is the organisational heart of the Committee
  • Along with the President, the Vice President also attends the Barrister and Student Committee meetings
  • The Vice-President will deputise for the President of the Committee when required

Fatima Ismail Fatima Ismail

Dear Members,

My name is Fatima Ismail, and I am standing to be this year’s Vice President for AGIS. I am currently studying the Bar Course at BPP Holborn and as a residential scholar, I am based in Gray’s Inn Square. 

As a participant in the Jessup Moot Court competition for a period of seven months, alongside an intense LLM, I was able to manage my time effectively and remain well-organised. I have carried out administrative work for both a bank and flying school, with the latter involving filling in technical and complex logbooks. If chosen, I intend to utilise my skills, experience and position as VP to work closely with the President and committee members to make the most out of this year for you. 

Like many other professions, the bar is going through a period of unprecedented challenge, with more uncertainty than ever before. Alongside this, many students, particularly from non-traditional backgrounds preparing for the bar, go through these stages without realising the opportunities and support that their Inn can offer. If elected as VP of AGIS, I plan to change this. I will seek to establish professional working relationships with various bar associations, in order to extend their offer of online (for now) training, education and career/pupillage sessions for student members. Alongside this, I will work with the social secretary to plan events, including a number of themed parties at the Inn (if COVID permits) and coordinate friendly mooting sessions. 

As your VP, I will focus on improving the administration and organisation of AGIS, by getting things done and done on time! I plan to create more opportunities for you to get involved, network and ‘make your mark’ at Gray’s Inn. Thank you.


  • The Treasurer is responsible for the annual budget allocated to AGIS and is the primary liaison between the Committee and the Inn’s Director of Education and Accounts Department as the bank with regard to recording and management of the AGIS accounts

Ramshah Ramzan ChaudhryRamsha Chaudhry

Statement of PurposeMy vision is to underwrite to the committees and sub-committees by becoming the voice of my fellow student members by encouraging better links amongst all levels of the Inn’s membership. I aim to represent my fellows on various forums and raise their voices and concerns - Special focus being on the impending issues of lodging, education, social mobility, and scholarships. Furthermore, I intend to highlight the process of giving and receiving proposals with the Bar Council.

I envisage promoting student members in social activities and assisting the Inn’s provision of educational and social events. I plan to engage in constructive meeting sessions and events which will help my student peers in learning new unfolded concepts of law. If selected, my primary duty shall be to actively engage myself in raising the major issues underling in our society. My duty towards this Inn is inviolable; it is my conviction that, in whatever capacity possible, I intend to serve and promote our prestigious Inn to the best of my abilities. I will give my utmost, promising my blood and sweat, to marvel the leadership role I will be designated to.


                         “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”

Coming from a family of lawyers and watching my father working as a prominent member of the Bar Council, I have learned a lot of things growing up. Hard work, honesty, and enthusiasm to excel in the felid of law have always been my key personal characteristics.  Being the only female lawyer in my family, I stood against the odds of the patriarchal society. After doing my Undergraduate I had the privilege to study the LLM course specializing in International Human Rights. Working with various NGOs and running a small legal clinic my main aim is to promote Human Rights and stand strong with what is right.  Working as a lawyer and engaging in part-time lectureship at colleges. I am an enjoyable, easily approachable natured person and I have sufficient experience that makes me a fit candidate to communicate with people of all stages.  

Social secretary 

  • The Secretary is the organisational heart of the Committee and is primarily responsible for ensuring smooth administration throughout the year
  • In the absence of a Vice-President, the Secretary acts as deputy for the President
  • The Secretary manages the organisation of committee meetings including distributing an agenda and keeping minutes
  • The Secretary also sits on the Barrister's Committee

Grace Atkinson Grace Atkinson

Hello! I’m Grace Atkinson, and I am currently studying the BTC with BPP (Holborn). Having recently graduated with my LLB from Durham University, I am currently a Gray’s Inn Residential Scholar for 2020-21. I thoroughly look forward to the upcoming year, and I am extremely keen to be involved with AGIS as the Social Secretary. 

It is of concern to me, as it is many others, just how students may be affected in the upcoming year by the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19. With classes and other events currently being online, it is imperative that students are listened to and supported as much as possible during these uncertain and difficult times. AGIS is the perfect mechanism by which we can ensure this happens, and as such I’d love to be part of the committee. This problem is of particular importance when considering how Gray’s Inn students will interact with one another this year, both for the purposes of education and socially. If elected as AGIS Social Secretary, I will endeavour to ensure helpful and enjoyable events are still taking place, even if this must be online for a while. Hopefully, if the situation does improve over the year, we can transition into safely hosting in-person events. 

For the last 3 years, I played a significant role in my college events committee, and have plenty of prior experience when it comes to organising both large-scale and smaller events. I believe I will be able to establish myself as a familiar and friendly face amongst the Gray’s Inn student body and effectively facilitate the connection of students with one another.

Thank you, Grace

Publicity officer 

  • The Publicity Officer's chief role is to produce and distribute publicity and to market AGIS events

Nia Marshall Nia Marshall

Hey everyone! My name is Nia Marshall. I am from the island of Barbados and I am one of the Barbados National Scholarship Winners of the Year 2017. This prestigious award funds my legal education. I pursued my Law Degree at Newcastle University. Very soon, I will be pursuing the Bar Course alongside an LLM at the University of Law Leeds. 

I believe that my experience producing my YouTube Channel (Life Law Bim) and marketing successful events equips me to serve as your Publicity Officer. My Channel provides me with invaluable experience hosting, interviewing and creating quality content for a target audience. Moreover, it has enhanced my time management skills as I record episodes in advance to maintain my weekly upload schedule.

I shall employ the skills that I have learnt and ensure that the podcasts are released according to the schedule. Additionally, my experience as a content creator coupled with liaising with the Education Department guarantees quality content. I am also a great listener and communicator. Therefore I will implement any feedback and good ideas regarding content for the podcast.  

Regarding marketing events, I gained this experience by spearheading successful national fundraising initiatives. This enabled the Barbadian delegation (including me) to represent Barbados at the World Schools Debating Championship in 2016 and 2017 in Germany and Indonesia. Additionally, the most recent event that I co-hosted was a Caribbean event (Soca vs Dancehall) in Newcastle on February 2020. I played an integral role in creating and disseminating posters, ticket giveaways and advertising on popular platforms. The event was sold out and we doubled our investment. This was only possible via our marketing and social media strategy. 

If elected, I plan on employing the skills I have developed to market all Committee events effectively and produce timely and quality podcasts. 

Law Journal editor 

  • The Editor is responsible for publishing and editing the Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal, a bi-annual collection of legal articles written by members of Gray’s Inn and uploaded on the Inn’s website

Dr Peter Mitchell Dr Peter Mitchel

I am a Lecturer in English Literature and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, who has begun academic study of the law on the GDL at Cardiff University on a Gray’s Inn Scholarship. Of all the Inns of Court, I chose to join Gray’s Inn because historically it has led the way in education, introducing mock trials and advocacy training before Judges and Benchers and more recently pioneering ‘Vocalise’, which has been adopted by the wider Inn community. In his foreword to the first volume of the Gray’s Inn Student Law Journal, in 2010, the Hon. Michael Beloff QC wrote: ‘As befits the Inn which has been the pioneer in so many aspects of education, Gray’s students have been the first in the field with a journal of their own whose contributors are all in house.’ To the editing of this now thriving journal, I would bring experience of editing volumes of academic journals, reviewing published books, and peer reviewing manuscripts submitted to publishers like Routledge. I am an academic who wants to encourage other Gray’s Inn students to engage academically with the law and thereby develop their interests. 

Personally I am intellectually curious about many areas of law, for although, unsurprisingly perhaps, my legal interests stem from those frameworks of law by which universities are regulated, they look outward across the many areas that are relevant to life on campus and beyond – to employment law, discrimination and equality, professional discipline, human rights and civil liberties, public and administrative law, media and information law, consumer protection, intellectual property, medical and healthcare law, and more besides.

Moreover, I would welcome working with other students who may be considering sharing their perspectives on legal topics that greatly interest them by contributing articles or case notes to the pages of the Journal.

Mooting and Debating Officer 

  • The Mooting and Debating Officer's role includes organising internal mooting and debating events, and facilitating the participation of student members in external mooting and debating competitions

Dheemanth VangimallaDheemanth Vangimalla

My background is in medicine, I am completing the GDL, and my star sign is Aquarius. Now for the important part - what I intend to do as a Mooting and Debating Officer. We are all aspiring to become advocates of high quality. There is no replacement for doing, doing, and then doing some more. To this end, I have two objectives.

Firstly, in addition to the competition moots that Gray’s already hold, I intend to upscale the number of low-stakes training moots that the Inn offers to student members. I do not perceive it to be unrealistic to have such sessions once a month as a minimum. This goal is particularly achievable with the recent embrace of virtual mooting and the accessibility that it offers to both London and Circuit students.

My second objective is to extend international mooting at the Inn. Gray’s is already putting forward a student team for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot this year. I had the privilege of being part of the Gray’s Inn team for the Vis moot last year. Similarly, I intend to further extend the international repertoire of the student members of the Inn by entering a Gray’s Inn team to compete in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition this year. I already have experience of organising Gray’s Inn student teams for national mooting competitions such as the LSE-Featherstone moot and the Leicester Medical Law moot last year. I am aware and experienced with the resources and time commitment that such ventures entail.

Gray’s has a wealth of potential coaches and advisers. Given the opportunity to take up the role of the Mooting and Debating Officer, I intend to make full use of such resources to achieve my attainable objectives.

Bar Course provider representatives 

  • Representatives, both at the London providers and on Circuit, create and maintain channels of communication between the Inn’s Education Department, the Bar course providers and students

BBP London University 

Feleena Grosvenor Feleena Grosvenor

I am Feleena Grosvenor and I am studying the BTC part time at BPP University from September 2020 to 2022. I live just outside of Central London and hold an LL.B. Law with Business and LL.M. in General Law. I am putting myself forward for the AGIS position as the student representative of BPP University because I am an approachable and committed person, with experience that will assist me in this role.

During my LL.B. I was elected to be the Course Representative for the faculties Law and Business which involved similar duties and responsibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this position, threw myself into the duties required and was awarded a Course Representative Certificate for my contributions that improved student life. Due to this experience I am confident that I would be able to strongly advocate for changes and appropriately reflect the thoughts and concerns of the student body.

At university I also worked as a supervisor at the student union where events were regularly held. This included both music/social events and networking/strictly professional events. I had responsibilities for organising and managing events, selling tickets and participating in the events. This experience means that I am very able and willing to liaise with all students and any professionals regarding events and engage with the events in any way that I can to assist.

What I enjoyed the most about being a Course Representative, and what I hope to bring to this position, is to implement positives to all areas of student life. This may be through listening to the students, solving problems, running events, or advocating for changes when required. 

BBP Bristol University

Sebastian Bates Sebastian Bates

I am undertaking the Bar course at BPP Bristol and am delighted to put my name forward for the role of campus representative on the committee of the Association of Gray’s Inn Students. I studied law here in the United Kingdom as an undergraduate and, after spending time in South Africa and France and as a postgraduate in the United States, am now preparing for pupillage next year. I am very grateful to the Inn for its support this year and would really appreciate the opportunity to give back to its community in this role. I have experience of similar positions at school and university, where I was secretary of my college’s law society, administrative manager of a research network, and president of the local chapter of the International Criminal Court Student Network. I am familiar with the experience of the Inn’s students at BPP Bristol in the past and would draw on that to make our year together—and that of our fellow students at all providers, particularly those on circuit—as positive and productive as possible.

The University of Law, London

Roseanna Cawthray SternRoseanna Stern

Hi, I’m Roseanna, incoming BPC student at the Bloomsbury campus of The University of Law. I studied History at Merton College, Oxford before completing the GDL, also at ULaw. Over the past year, I have been working as a family law paralegal at a busy legal aid firm.

Many of you will be applying for pupillage this year (congrats to those who already have it) and I know how important it is that both Gray’s Inn and ULaw provide you with excellent opportunities and support to assist you in reaching your goal. 

At ULaw for the GDL, I was the Student Advocate for my class and built up good working relationships with senior tutors and faculty staff. I understand the way the university operates and how to ensure that student voices are listened to. 

I am experienced at working on student committees; as an undergraduate I was the LGBTQ representative at my college and Musical Director of an a cappella group which performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In these roles, I advocated for the community I represented and worked effectively on complex projects with my fellow committee members. 

As your ULaw (London) representative I will:

• Represent the interests of ULaw students at AGIS committee meetings. 

• Work on the AGIS committee for the benefit of all Gray’s students.  

• Coordinate with ULaw to provide opportunities for students within the university, including mooting competitions and speaker events. 

• Liaise with the ULaw careers department to ensure quality advice and support for pupillage applications. 

• Be a friendly ear and fierce advocate for you.

The University of Law, Leeds

Maryam Nikdel Mazinan

By way of introduction, my name is Maryam, and I am a Law graduate from the University of Newcastle. I have commenced my BPC and LLM studies at the University of Law in Leeds. Aside from my studies, I love acting! One day I may even be the Viola Davis of the courtroom.
Why are you applying to be a course representative?
During my most recent elected position as the Moot Mistress for Newcastle University, I was granted an opening to aid and support my peers in the advancement of their advocacy abilities. I took pride in expanding the scope of the role to present individuals with additional assistance in matters concerning their studies. This was administered principally through devising a variety of ways to improve their chances of excelling within the competition. For example, by catering competition round dates to adhere to module deadlines. As course
representative, I intend to implement the same level of circumspection and attentiveness towards your needs and concerns. My emails will always be open for discussions on simply how to make things better!
We are currently facing uncertain times. The class of 2020/21 must be prudent of the fact that we are setting a precedent for future procedures and protocols of the Bar Course. Thus, we must voice our concerns and gratitude on the utmost of the current system and new methods that have been implemented by Gray's and our providers. This way, together, we can develop a system which will further excel and benefit all present and future student members.
To promote my objective effectively, I will utilise the network provided to identify and address your concerns through the exploration of solutions with fellow course representatives and Inn members. Aiming to represent your voice of reason in a timely and productive manner while providing vital support for the AGIS community.

Nottingham Law School

Bridget Omeyi OgbojiBridget Omeyi Ogboii

My name is Bridget Omeyi Ogboji and I am an International student from Nigeria. I currently live in Nottingham since I moved to the UK in 2014 to pursue my aspirations of becoming a barrister. I am particularly interested in Family and Human rights law. After earning my LLB in General Law and LLM in Human Rights Law from Nottingham Trent University, I have spent time volunteering in various legal charities such as Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum and the Nottingham County Court’s Support Through Court to develop my interest in Family and Human Rights Law. During the course of studying, I have worked as a student ambassador and International country ambassador at Nottingham Law school. In my free time, I enjoy writing, listening to music, reading, and watching movies.

I am interested in becoming a BPTC representative at Nottingham Law school because this role will provide me with the opportunity to represent and provide support to my fellow students. This is because, as a BPTC representative, I must ensure that all student’s queries and suggestions are heard no matter how trivial the case may be. Additionally, this role will provide me with the opportunity to build up my network by liaising with my fellow student members, staff, and the Education Department.

Additionally, there are particular challenges and unknowns facing our cohort this year: we are ‘guinea pigs’ for the new courses, and I’m sure many of us are concerned about how exams are going to unfold following the Pearson Vue saga in August (see Twitter for the horrific details!). Individuals might also be facing particular difficulties in the light of the pandemic. I would aim to ensure that everybody feels as supported as possible in this regard,  and would take a lead in raising concerns with the appropriate channels.

BPP Birmingham Representative

Emily Keates Emily Keates

My name is Emily Keates and I am studying the BTC Full time at BPP Birmingham. I graduated with my LLB in 2016 from University of West London. 

During my time at University of West London, I was an active member of the Law society. I was Social Secretary and Vice President. Events I organised included a mock trial with a guest Judge and boat party along the Thames. In my non-academic career, I have been an event planner within my roles in Retail and Office management. My events included book launches and readings by local authors as well as “cheese and wine” networking events within the office. 

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading and scrapbooking. My most recent trip was to Rome in January, I’m really looking forward to being able to travel again soon. 
I’m looking forward to my role as provider representative for BPP Birmingham as I would like to build on the existing relationship between students in Birmingham and Grays Inn. These are testing times and I believe this is the perfect opportunity for students in Birmingham to be more involved with events at the Inn. It is more vital now that students have a strong connection with their Inn as travelling to London is becoming more difficult. The Inn provides many fantastic opportunities for students and I look forward to growing engagement within BPP Birmingham.

BPP Leeds Representative

Kirthika PadmanapanKirthika Padmanapan

I am Kirthika Padmanapan, a BTC student at BPP Leeds. I have completed my LLB degree at the University of Leeds as part of a transfer programme with HELP University, Malaysia.
I am standing for the position of the BPTC Representative from BPP Leeds. I would love to get involved with AGIS, as student voices are an integral part of the Inn, and as such, need a platform to be heard on. I would love to serve as a liaison for Grays Inn members at BPP Leeds in order to ensure that any concerns, suggestions and feedback are passed on to the relevant individuals at Grays Inn. I will also ensure that any activities and events are promoted to the Grays Inn members at BPP Leeds and that all students have equal access to these events and activities.
I have the relevant experience for this position, as I have served on the Student Council during high school for two years, where I helped address concerns of the student body and raise those issues with the relevant authority. Furthermore, at university, I was a Student Ambassador, which provided me with good interpersonal and communication skills, thereby enabling me to become a more approachable individual. As a student representative, I will ensure that there is an open line of communication between the Inn and the members at BPP Leeds, which has become even more important due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

BPP Manchester Representative

Bethany Pitt  Bethany Pitt

Over the years I have studied Philosophy and Religion at the University of Sheffield and the LLB for Graduates at the University of Liverpool, whilst taking a year out to work between courses. I took this year out to coach netball at a high level, which had always been a passion of mine, before returning to academia. From a young age I have had an interest in Family Law which stemmed from observing my parents as foster carers. This meant I grew up witnessing the care system and all the difficulties that came with it. I often felt frustrated at the outcome of some of the cases which has inspired me to pursue Family Law. 

I have recently started the BTC at BPP Manchester and would love the opportunity to be a part of AGIS as the role of Student Representative. I have been highly involved in committees during my time at University such as First Year Representative and Social Secretary for my academic course as well as Coach for my University’s netball team. I have built strong leadership, organisational and communication skills through managing social and sporting events whilst staying connected through committee meetings. Therefore, I would feel comfortable organising social or academic events if needed. It is my desire to keep the students studying outside of London connected to Gray’s Inn, make sure all students feel involved and to be a committee member whom students would feel comfortable coming to with their problems and queries. I appreciate the importance of acting as a line of communication between the Inn and students at this time, particularly with the difficulties that come with the pandemic. I will ensure that I engage with students online and find new and innovative ideas to keep students connected to each other and the Inn. 

Cardiff Law School

Harry Dickens  Harry Dickens

My name is Harry Dickens, I live in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and am doing my Bar course in Cardiff. I joined Gray’s this summer, but the Inn has informed my legal journey for several years now – its support for the Lord Edmund-Davies Legal Education Trust has been significant in encouraging my aspiration to become a barrister. As a state school student and young carer, their combined help has been invaluable, and I would like to give what I can back. Being on circuit I want to stay as connected as possible whilst I am a student member; though coronavirus has made it more difficult for everyone, those of us outside of London must be even more active in our association with our Inn and if elected I would hope to ensure that as many Cardiff students as possible can feel connected and involved with Gray’s over the coming year.

I would actively promote communication between students and staff at Cardiff, would seek to raise relevant individual queries and issues with the AGIS Committee, and ensure students have the best opportunities to attend events and Qualifying Sessions. As Cardiff is the sole Welsh Bar course provider I hope also to try and develop interactions between students and Inn members who practise locally in Wales but are still active in the Inn itself, as this may prove helpful to those hoping to practise in Wales. Facilitating smaller events specifically for Cardiff Gray’s students in either a social, sporting, or professional capacity would be ideal, but I realise that the public health forecast likely means these might have to be remote and require some imaginative structuring.

University of Law Nottingham

Mareen MahmoodMareen Mahmood

I am a mature student, studying law as a career change. I completed the LLB (First) alongside full-time employment and will study the BPC at ULaw Nottingham after receiving a Deans Award for Excellence.

I originally gained managerial experience through employment roles. Most recently, as a Contract Manager, I managed a team of ten personnel whilst delegating duties and ensuring compliance with pertinent regulations. I drafted and oversaw contract tenders whilst ensuring adherence to strict deadlines, accuracy and attention to detail. This included contracts with local authorities and Boots PLC. Whilst working as a Contract Manager, I also managed a successful mobile Health and Beauty business with two employees. 

In terms of legal experience, I am a founding member of the Derby Legal Advice Centre. This enabled me to see the project from start-up phase to it becoming a successful advice centre, whilst gaining real-life legal/business experience. I volunteered for Escape - Domestic Abuse Support Services, The MS Society and I hold Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Classes for children who suffered traumatic experiences. 

I feel I have the skills and attributes which suit the role of Student Representative for ULaw, Nottingham. In particular, my experiences required me to be the link between directors and my team. My interpersonal skills have enabled me to keep channels of communication open for all whilst resolving any concerns. I am a scholar (Baroness Hale of Richmond) and member of Grays Inn. Due to the support the honourable Inn has provided me, I would like to show my gratitude by being an active rather than silent member. 

I would like to support current student’s by being a link between them and the Inn and where necessary draw attention to any matters affecting students or the Inn. I promise to keep all lines of communication open for the Inn and students, whilst paying due care and attention to any concerns that arise. I also endeavour to encourage and promote the growth of both the Inn and students.

City Law School

Ramshah Ramzan ChaudhryRamsha Chaudhry

Statement of Purpose
My vision is to underwrite to the committees and sub-committees by becoming the voice of my fellow student members by encouraging better links amongst all levels of the Inn’s membership. I aim to represent my fellows on various forums and raise their voices and concerns - Special focus being on the impending issues of lodging, education, social mobility, and scholarships. Furthermore, I intend to highlight the process of giving and receiving proposals with the Bar Council.
I envisage promoting student members in social activities and assisting the Inn’s provision of educational and social events. I plan to engage in constructive meeting sessions and events which will help my student peers in learning new unfolded concepts of law. If selected, my primary duty shall be to actively engage myself in raising the major issues underling in our society. My duty towards this Inn is inviolable; it is my conviction that, in whatever capacity possible, I intend to serve and promote our prestigious Inn to the best of my abilities. I will give my utmost, promising my blood and sweat, to marvel the leadership role I will be designated to.

                         “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life”
Coming from a family of lawyers and watching my father working as a prominent member of the Bar Council, I have learned a lot of things growing up. Hard work, honesty, and enthusiasm to excel in the felid of law have always been my key personal characteristics.  Being the only female lawyer in my family, I stood against the odds of the patriarchal society. After doing my Undergraduate I had the privilege to study the LLM course specializing in International Human Rights. Working with various NGOs and running a small legal clinic my main aim is to promote Human Rights and stand strong with what is right.  Working as a lawyer and engaging in part-time lectureship at colleges. I am an enjoyable, easily approachable natured person and I have sufficient experience that makes me a fit candidate to communicate with people of all stages.  

Manchester Metropolitan University 

James HaslamJames Haslam

I have only been a law student for a relatively short amount of time, as this time last year I had not even started the GDL. A major help in coping with the change of pace and the vast amount of information on the GDL programme was the excellent support we had from the student representative who liaised between us and the staff. I think there are people who would not have completed the GDL without that support. I appreciate that the role here would be slightly different, but I would be happy to try to support Gray's Inn students on the BTC at MMU in a similar way when it comes to matters connected to the Inn.

Northumbria University 

Lucy ToddLucy Todd

I am currently in the 3rd year of my law degree with integrated masters and Bar Course at Northumbria University. Alongside my studies, I am an active member across my university with positions on multiple societies’ committees including holding the role of Employability Officer of Northumbria’s Official Law Society and Training Officer of Northumbria’s Debating Society.

I would like to get involved in AGIS as I enjoy representing and assisting in delivering quality opportunities and services for students, as I have demonstrated through my commitments to various societies. I am dedicated to assisting Gray’s Inn by maintaining strong communication with Northumbria in order to provide positive experiences for students as they face the challenges of the Bar Course. Whilst there is a small Gray’s community at Northumbria I am committed to being a pro-active representative to help ensure events are well suited and enjoyable for Northumbria students. As a key committee member to my University’s Official Law Society, I have developed a strong platform to communicate information and gain feedback from students. This position has also provided me with essential contacts within the university in order to maximise engagement, this will aid me in the role of representative as it provides me with the platform to liaise with students and to optimise advertisement for Gray’s events. 

The Bar Course can offer intense challenges for students, let alone during a pandemic, therefore, I want to assist both my university and my Inn in providing the best opportunities and experiences for students, providing valuable feedback and insight into bar students studying in the North of England. I am enthusiastic to help the AGIS team and look forward to what Gray’s Inn has in store.”

University of the West of England, Bristol 

Philip Sayce 

Philip Sayce

Hello fellow AGIS members,

I am currently completing the second year of the part-time BPTC course at the University of the West of England, and what a roller coaster the first year was!  There is no doubt that we students of the Inn, whether at the academic, conversion or vocational training stages of our studies have had to deal with an ever-changing and uncertain time over the last six months or so. The inns and student associations within them have been pivotal in getting the student voice to the BSB heard. I have no doubt that this has made a difference to students across the piste.

Over the last couple of years, while undertaking my GDL and now the Bar course, I have seen and experienced the absolute value Gray's Inn adds to the development of each student within its circle; it’s the stuff of legends. I have been fortunate in being able to access training and development opportunities in London and on circuit that I never dreamt possible.  

The role of the treasurer is an important one, going beyond the keeper of the books and the doler of the monies, it's about ensuring that we ask for what we need and want and get the best bang for the bucks we have. Remembering that it’s also about ensuring we have opportunities to socialise, connect and have fun! 

This brings together my two ambitions for AGIS, making a difference to the experience, development, and opportunities for all the Inn's students, and ensuring that students in London and on circuit make the most of their great Inn. 

Voting for me ensures that your experience is at the centre of what AGIS does, with a real commitment to be the advocate for students within and outside of the Inn, wherever they based!

The University of Law, Birmingham 

Kyle StubbsKyle Stubbs

Hi, my name is Kyle and I am preparing to study the BPC part time at the University of Law in Birmingham. I have previously studied at the University of Law Chester for my undergraduate degree, and so am familiar with the ways and workings of the University of Law. In my spare time, I enjoy open water swimming and am studying to obtain my Private Pilots Licence. I currently work with a Local Council, having previously worked as a swimming coach and volunteered as a Combined Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. As a barrister, I hope to practice criminal law and/or service law within the Armed Forces.

As a student representative at the University of Law Birmingham, my main priority would be to speak up on behalf of students at the University by listening to any questions or concerns, and communicating them to the Inn; I will take an active role in promoting activities and events relevant to students on the BPC/BPTC, and ensure that all students have the opportunity to engage in such events, and are able to provide their opinions to improve on said events for their, and future, cohorts. Having previously studied at the University of Law, I am familiar with the methods of teaching, communication and liaising between students, staff and external bodies; this, I feel, would put me in a good position to act as a collective voice for students whilst on the course.

As a part time student, I will have ample time to promote the needs of both full time and part time students; I hope to be able to ensure that all students feel represented and heard whilst on the course, and that any issues or concerns are dealt with expeditiously, especially in this challenging and uncertain time.

Thank you for your consideration

Inns of Court College of Advocacy

Beatrice Baskett Beatrice Baskett

My name is Beatrice Baskett and I am running for the Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) representative. I am a recent Law graduate from Newcastle University. 

As the first cohort with the new ICCA, there have been preliminary discussions about how best to support students and ensure receptiveness to feedback. I pride myself on being approachable and will continue these discussions, in an enthusiastic and diligent manner, to create transparent and appropriate channels of communication between students, ICCA and AGIS. I will build further on the skills I learnt during my term as President of my University Bar Society: working effectively within a team, efficiently communicating with members and adequately representing the cohort. As President, I networked with both ICCA and Gray’s staff and am confident in my abilities to develop these contacts further, ensuring a productive working environment. 

Following the recent difficulties with the BSB exams, the importance of adequate communication between BPTC providers and student representative channels has been highlighted. I am determined to ensure that good relationships are fostered and, should difficulties arise, students’ views are fairly presented. 

Through initial online social events with ICCA, and events hosted by Gray’s (such as the Introduction to International Arbitration course), I have met fellow students and would like to become more involved in the Gray’s community. With part two of the ICCA course taught within the precincts of the Inn, I hope to be living in London in the new year; ensuring I am accessible for in-person meetings if needed.

I continue to work as a Student Ambassador for my alma mater. I am competent in networking and maintaining links with students outside of my cohort. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would be really grateful for your vote.

The University of Law, Manchester 

Katie Goldstraw Katie Goldstraw


My name is Katie Goldstraw and I am standing for the position of BPTC Representative for the University of Law, Manchester. I have recently graduated from the University of Derby with a first-class honours in my qualifying law degree and aspire to specialise in family law.

Earlier this year I was awarded a Headridge Scholarship from Gray’s Inn which has provided vital assistance towards pursuing a career in this profession. It was awarded for amongst other things, demonstration of my self-reliance, reliability and integrity. As a representative for the University of Law, Manchester I will have the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment and ensure that my colleagues are privy to essential information, updates and upcoming events from the Inn in a timely manner.

As an advocate for the voice of the child on behalf of the Family Justice Young Peoples Board, I currently represent the views of every child and young person in proceedings across England and Wales. My role includes contributing to policy development and attending influential board meetings across family justice. Therefore, as a BPTC representative my interpersonal skills gained will prove invaluable when liaising between my provider and the Inn.

During the final year of my undergraduate LLB I was elected as the vice-president of the University of Derby Law Society. This position of responsibility required me to represent the student voice at quarterly meetings and promote upcoming networking and social events whilst balancing this with my studies. I liaised with the Law School and Union of Students to deliver a range of opportunities for example, the internal mooting competition.

As a student representative for the University of Law, Manchester I will bridge the channel of communication to ensure a prosperous upcoming year of learning and professional development.

GDL Officer 

  • The GDL officer will promote the interests of GDL members to the committee

Rebecca Malczewski Rebecca Malczewski

My name is Rebecca Malczewski and I am standing for election for the position of GDL Officer. I am currently studying the GDL full-time at BPP in Birmingham, having been awarded the Frances Moran Scholarship by Gray’s Inn.  

Prior to this, in 2016 I graduated with a BA in History from Durham University. In the intervening years, I was an Associate at the asset management firm BlackRock where, alongside my role, I helped lead their charitable initiatives and grant giving in the UK. It was this work that led me to pursue a career at the Bar; to do what I can to ensure that the justice system is fair and equal for all.  

I am standing for election for GDL Officer because I want to contribute to protecting and promoting the needs of Gray’s Inn students. As GDL Officer, I would have 3 initial priorities:  

1. Communicating to AGIS and the Education Department any issues GDL students are experiencing as a result of studying remotely 

2. Exploring possibilities with the Inn and AGIS regarding how best to support GDL students in gaining exposure to the Bar in light of many opportunities, such as mini-pupillage schemes, remaining on pause  

3. Representing the interests of GDL students regarding the Inn’s plan around future social and educational activities and events, as social distancing restrictions remain in place 

I commit myself fully to all that I do, from writing regularly for the platform Human Rights Pulse to my role as a mentor with educational equality charity IntoUniversity to, currently (with varying degrees of success), teaching myself to cook Polish cuisine. It is with the same enthusiasm and energy that I would work to support the interests of Gray’s Inn students as GDL Officer.


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