Masters of the Bench

The responsibility for the organisation and running of the Inn is divided between the Masters of the Bench (also known as 'Benchers') in Pension and the Under Treasurer, its Chief Executive. Pension meets at least once per legal term.

Barrister members of the Inn are elected to the Bench in accordance with the procedures set out in Order 13 of the Inn’s Standing Orders. You can find full details regarding the election procedure for Masters of the Bench in part 1, section 4 of the Inn’s rules. The rules also contain further information regarding Bencher seniority (part 1, section 6) and dining by the Bench (part 1, section 7).

Current Benchers

Please see the election results for details on recent appointments. 

Designated and Departmental Benchers

Designated and Departmental Benchers hold roles specific to key areas of the Inn’s affairs or a particular department of the Inn.  Roles include:

  • Master of Education
  • Master of the Estate
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of the Library
  • Master of Students

You can find a full list of all Designated and Departmental Masters and their responsibilities in part 1, section 10 of the Inn’s rules.

Royal and Honorary Benchers

Royal and Honorary Benchers are elected from non-members of outstanding public eminence and distinction or who have rendered great service to the Inn. Royal and Honorary Benchers do not have a vote at Pension.

The first Honorary Benchers were elected in 1883. Find out more about Honorary Benchers from the archives. 

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