Rates and Payment

Room rates

As stated in our terms and conditions, the following rates apply for all bookings. 

  No. of bedrooms   Mon-Thurs rate Fri Sat & Sun rate
Lord Lane Flat 1 (Studio)   £125 £95
Field Court Double 1   £145 £115
Gray's Inn Square Double 2   £145 £115
South Square Double 1 (Studio)   £145 £115
Wakerley Flat 1   £145 £115
Wellwood Flat * 2   £155 £125
Frank Flat * 2   £155 £125
Hooson Flat * 2   £155 £125
Slynn Flat 3   £155 £125

* These flats are also available with a put-up bed at a flat cost of £30 per booking.
Rates applicable from 6 January 2020.


Payment is made at the time of booking by credit or debit card (via Paypal). Benchers can pay for accommodation via Bench Commons. Payment via Bench Commons will be taken on the quarter date after the date of occupancy.  

Please note that we do not accept American Express.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for our cancellation policy. 

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